Stereo Microscope with LED Illuminated Base and Articulating Mirror

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Articulating mirror ideal for Brightfield and Darkfield applications

  • Illuminated base
  • Articulating mirror
  • Includes base, microscope head and focus mount
  • Trinocular version available
  • Includes opaque, black/white contrast stage plate


Order code Microscope
PZMIII-MI Binocular Microscope Head with LED illuminated base (articulating mirror)
PZMTIII-MI Trinocular Microscope Head with LED illuminated base (articulating mirror)


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  • Oblique, transmitted light for low magnification view of tissues, cells or embryo transfer
  • Adjustable brightfield and darkfield illumination
  • Pseudo DIC illumination


  • Microinjection
  • Nematode research

PZMIII-MI Microscope with Illuminated Base and Articulating Mirror is perfect for microinjection and transfection. It includes our standard stereo microscope head mounted on a research grade Brightfield/Darkfield pole type stand. It has a large stable work surface and a rotatable lens/mirror system which provides transmitted LED intensity illumination.

The sliding mirror is gimbaled, allowing for a full range of movement front to back, as well as rotation. The mirror rotates 360º on one axis and can slide for further lighting effect directionally, front to back. A knob on the right of the base adjusts the mirror and a locking ring holds the desired mirror position.

The articulating mirror lets you vary the microscope illumination from Brightfield LED to Darkfield LED at an appropriate angle. It is an effective tool for viewing live bacteria. At low magnifications, view tissues, cells or embryo transfer where oblique, transmitted illumination is critical.

Systems include

The scope mounting pole diameter is 32mm.

This platform includes the PZMIII microscope, a focus mount, two stage clips, 94.5 mm glass stage plate, opaque black/white contrast stage plate and an automatic voltage sensing power supply and a 25.6cm vertical post. The base may be fitted to other microscope heads.

Microscope Options

This unit is sold with our standard PZMIII binocular stereo microscope head. Other options are available. Speak with a specialist today to configure a microscope for your needs. Call (866) 606-1974 (Toll free in the USA) or email Some options are shown below:

Trinocular microscope on lighted base

If you want to add a camera or connect with a video monitor, select a PZMTIII trinocular head for you lighted microscope base.

Lighted microscope base with trinocular microscope and camera

This trinocular microscope head has a camera attached. It also shows an M3301 mounted to the base using a M4C coupler for microinjection studies. A setup like this facilitates classroom or collaborative environments so everyone can see on the remote screen  what the researcher is viewing through the microscope.

Dimensions 330 mm (13") wide by 280 mm (11") length by 85 mm (3.37") high
Pillar Height  10” (25.6 mm)
Glass Stage Plate 9.5 cm (3.75") diameter
Stage Clips 75 mm clip length, 4 mm pin, paired
Illumination Port Built in incident and transmitted variable intensity LED illumination
Rotatable Mirror Dual-reflection lens/mirror system provides transmitted brightfield/ pseudo-darkfield illumination
Manufacturer Made in Japan
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
CE  yes
Package Information 10 lbs.
17 x 14 x 9"
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