Universal Pipetter Tips

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Ultra-clear, certified RNase/DNase-free

  • Available in bulk bags or racks

Our standard pipetter tips are sold in bulk or rack mounted. The number of units in each pack varies depending on the size of the pipetter tips.


  Tip Volume Fits Bulk Racks
 500191 Pipetter tip for REG2, REG10, REG20. 0.1-10µL REG2, REG10, REG10 500191
(bag of 1000)
(10 racks of 96)
500194  5-200µL REG20, REG50, REG100, REG200
E20, E100, E200
(bag of 1000)
(10 racks of 96)
 500195 Pipetter tip for REG1K 100-1000µL REG1K
(bag of 1000)
(10 racks of 100)
 504197 500-5000µL REG5K, E500, Eppendorf, BioHit 500197
(bag of 250)
(10 racks of 50)
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