Pre-Pulled Glass Pipettes, Silanized/Pack of 10

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Eliminate the cost and trouble of making your own micropipettes

  • Schott Duran borosilicate glass
  • 0.5 µm and smaller ID micropipettes include internal glass fiber for easy filling
  • Tip inner diameter tolerance ±20%
  • Short taper yields high strength
  • Nominal length ≈ 50 mm
  • OD:ID = 1.33:1
  • Every pipette individually tested and inspected
  • Vacuum packed
  • Luer/Silanized
  • Glass Outside Diameter: 1.0mm thin wall
  • These MicroTips do not have a filament
  • 10 per package
  • Also available: Plain Tips, Luer Tips, Sample Packages


Order code Tip ID Shank Length Glass OD Filament
TIP5TW1LS01 5 µm 1 inch 1.0mm Thin wall No
TIP5TW1LS02 5 µm 2 inch 1.0mm Thin wall No
TIP10TW1LS01 10 µm 1 inch 1.0mm Thin wall No
TIP10TW1LS02 10 µm 2 inch 1.0mm Thin wall No
TIP30TW1LS01 30 µm 1 inch 1.0mm Thin wall No
TIP30TW1LS02 30 µm 2 inch 1.0mm Thin wall No



  • Plain Shank or Luer Fittings


  • Injection of dyes or proteins into cells, oocytes or other biomedical laboratory applications

WPI can quickly supply your need for consistently sized pre-pulled glass micropipettes. Tip diameters (ID) range from 0.1 to 10 µm. Silanized Tips (Luer Shank) are available. Silanization waterproofs the glass to retard water when inserting into cell. This will not let the outside fluid run down the pipette and get inside so easily.These glass needles are fabricated from Schott Duran borosilicate glass.

Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance is available for these MicroTips. Please request one when placing your order.


Image Descriptions
Micropipette_5um_400X Micropipette, 5um, 400X
Micropipette_10_5um_40X Micropipette, 10um and 5um, 40X
Micropipette_10_5um_100X Micropipette, 10um and 5um, 100X
Micropipette_10um_400X Micropipette,10um, 400X
tip_2um_5_135x Tip 2um, 135x
tip_2um Tip 2um
tip_2um_2_10x Tip 2um, 10x
tip_2um_3_60x Tip 2um, 60x
tip_2um_4_90x Tip 2um, 90x
TIP30_2 TIP1
TIP30_2 TIP30
CTE (20 °C; 300 °C)     3.3± 0.110-6/K
Transformation temperature Tg   525 ± 15 °C
Density   2.23 ± 0.02 g/cm3
Temperature  at the viscosity 1013 dPa·s
107.6 dPa·
104 dPa·s
560 ± 10°C
820 ± 10°C
1260 ± 20°C
Heat conductivity l at 100 °C 
Specific heat CP  
0.8J / (g·K) 
Poisson-ratio μ
Refractive index nd 
  4.0·10-6 mm² / N
1.473mm² / N
Relative dielectric constant 
tan d
at 1 MHz
and 25 °C
4.6 10-4
37 10-4
Tk 100 (DIN 52326)    250°C
Classes of chemical stability water 
alkaline solution  
DIN ISO 719 
DIN 12 116
DIN ISO 695 
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