Fiber Optic Collimator

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Collimate an emitted light beam or couple light into an optical fiber

  • Maximum coupling efficiency with fused silica fibers
  • Easily adjust the distance between the lens and the optical fiber for focusing
  • Not suitable for single mode laser applications


Order code Fiber Optic
300051 Fiber Optic Collimator (SMA)
300052 Fiber Optic Collimator (ST)



  • UV/VIS/NIR light collimation


  • Generates plan-parallel beam with a 5mm beam diameter from UV/VIS light guided in an fiber

WPI’s Fiber Optic Collimator can be used for both collimating a light beam emitted by an optical fiber or coupling light from a collimated light beam into an optical fiber. The numerical aperture of the collimator is optimized for maximum coupling efficiency into typical fused silica fibers. The collimator can, for example, be used to guide a parallel light beam through a sample cuvette or an optical filter with virtually no optical losses. In this application, one collimator collimates the light into a parallel beam 5 mm in diameter, enabling it to pass a long distance without losing the energy. After the light passes the sample media, a second collimator can be used to collect the beam into the receiving fiber. A unique design feature of this collimator is that the distance between the lens and the optical fiber can be easily adjusted. This permits it to be used as a focusing device or for fine-tuning the color balance when coupling light from a light source into multimode fibers.

Lens diameter 5 mm
Lens focal distance 10 mm
Lens material Ultraviolet grade synthetic fused silica (KU-1)
Wavelength range 170 nm-2 µm
Mounting threads 3/8-24 UNF
Divergence < 0.1 rad for 1 mm core fiber
Fiber connector interface SMA or ST
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