Blood Pressure Measurement for Rodents

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Unique environmental control system and single tail cuff allows tail movement, minimizing stress in the animal subjects

  • Test up to 200 animals at a time
  • Sensor is MRI compatible
  • Quick and accurate blood pressure measurement at temperatures as low as 32˚C
  • Highly sensitive photoelectric sensor for blood pressure detection
  • Monitor, record, store or export real time systolic, diastolic, mean and heart rate
  • Includes one tail cuff sensor and one restrainer (select when ordering).


Order code Description
II-MRBP-R Rat Blood Pressure System
II-MRBP-M Mouse Blood Pressure System


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  • Automatic evaluation of data
  • Touch screen or software control
  • Data can be collected and stored on and displayed from a USB flash drive, which is included
  • Includes all accessories necessary to run system
  • Multi-channel system available (Touch Screen not functional in multi-channel systems)


  • Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring of rodents

This revolutionary design brings non-invasive blood pressure testing to a new level — a true turn-key system for accurate, consistent blood pressure measurement on mice, rats or any other laboratory animal test subject.

It is a compact, simple yet versatile system that can test from one to 200 animals at a time with independent control of each channel. Simple daisy-chaining allows expansion of up to 200 independently controlled systems.

All components are built into one small unit — controls, inflation of tail cuff, warming environment with whisper-quiet fans — providing an ideal system for teaching facilities and for the pharmaceutical industry when high throughput is a must.

Single animal systems are controlled from the touch screen, which allows keying in all necessary test setups. Touch screen control allows ease of operation, supplying automatic evaluation of test results — systolic, diastolic, mean and heart rate.

Multi-animal systems can be controlled via software provided.  Both single and multi-channel systems can be controlled via the software supplied.  

Data is collected, stored, displayed and can be transferred to the supplied memory stick. The USB interface allows for software control of multi-channel systems. For single animal systems, built-in software lets you view and export data. Reports are in an Excel-style format and may be easily exported.

No computer is required. However, the analog output may be interfaced with your own data acquisition software.

The system is easily cleaned. Removable trays are included with each system.

In addition to the standard one-year warranty on the system, tail cuff sensors have a lifetime warranty.


How it Works

iitc_sm-5.jpgPlace an animal in the supplied restrainer, attach tail cuff, set the desired temperature of the warming chamber, select number of test cycles, press auto calibrate and run test. The tail cuffs require the minimum amount of heat to measure blood pressure. The average temperature for rats is 32ºC and for mice 34ºC.

iitc_sm-6.jpgThe tail cuff design consists of a photoelectric cell, the most accurate method for obtaining tail cuff blood pressure pulses. Other systems heat metal platforms to as high as 40ºC to take measurements, causing undo thermo stress.


Warming Chamber

The warming chamber is an independent environment that you control through the touch screen interface. Heating plates and room temperature are not a factor. Warm air is delivered to the housing by a small fan which generates a calming “white noise” resulting in consistent and accurate readings.



iitc_sm-4.jpgWhen testing multiple animals, the system is supplied with the proprietary blood pressure software which allows for complete control of all functions and parameters from the software.  All data is shown, displayed and saved for later viewing and export.

More Choices:
  1. Sensor, 70-160G
    Sensor, 70-160G
  2. Sensor, 150-380G
    Sensor, 150-380G
  3. Sensor for II-MRBP, 500-650 grain
    Sensor for II-MRBP, 500-650 grain
  4. Cuff Liners for II-MRBP, Pkg of 100
    Cuff Liners for II-MRBP, Pkg of 100
  5. O-Rings for II-MRBP, Pkg of 50
    O-Rings for II-MRBP, Pkg of 50
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