Blood Pressure Monitor

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Audible monitor with variable pitch provides feedback

  • Monitors pressure, force, temperature
  • Monitors animal arterial or venous blood pressure
  • Displays systolic, diastolic or average blood pressure
  • SYS-BP1 does not include the BLPR2 transducer


  • BLPR2 can be used for the direct arterial and venous pressure mea­sure­ment in animal blood vessels


  • Invasive blood pressure monitoring

BP1 accepts WPI’s BLPR2 blood pressure transducer (right) as well as other blood pressure transducers. An audio monitor provides a signal with variable pitch and amplitude, allowing you to hear changes in blood pressure. Digital LCD display pro­vides average or peak signal values from 0 to 1999 mV. With an optional pressure gauge (not provided — see PM015D/R), you may cal­i­brate the display to read mmHg. Record­er out­put con­nec­tor al­lows di­rect con­nec­tion to a pen re­cord­er, os­cil­lo­scope or com­put­er via a data acquisition system.

Supplied sterile, BLPR2 is accurate, linear and stable with temperature. May be sterilized cold with Rapicide OPA or a similar bac­te­ri­cide.

BLPR2 is equipped with a 12' cable and connector com­pat­i­ble with WPI’s four-channel signal conditioning unit, TBM4M Transbridge, and the single-channel BP1 blood pressure mon­i­tor. The cable has a moisture-resis­tant locking connector. A continuous, uniform lumen eliminates places for bub­bles to form and lodge. The clear fluid path is easy to inspect. Easy to mount — slotted transducer body accepts Velcro strap.

To facilitate setup and operation, a four-way stopcock that al­lows easy filling, flushing and zeroing of the transducer is in­clud­ed. Typically, the stopcock is located between the trans­ducer and the animal catheter where it can be used to quickly zero, flush or de-bubble the transducer.

Amplification x1, x10, x100, variable (x5-x1000)
Bandwidth, small signal (-3dB) 300kHz (x1)
30kHz (x10)
3kHz (x100)
0.3kHz (x1000)
Output voltage swing ±5V
Maximum output current 2mA
Input impedance, each input 100kΩ || 0.01μF
Transducer applied volts 10V nominal, varies with load; 25mA, maximum
Digital panel meter 0-1999mV (calibrated in mmHg pressure when supplied with pressure guage) Meter reads average value or ± peak (1-20Hz)
Fuse (Older models) 120 V: 0.12A, Slow, 0.25x1.25” USA
230 V: 0.06A , Slow, 0.25x1.25” USA
Fuse (2019 models) 120 V: 0.12A, Slow, 5 x 20 mm metric
230 V: 0.06A , Slow, 5 x 20 mm metric
Power 95-135V or 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 8.5x5.12x10" (21.6x13x25.44cm)
Shipping weight 11 lb. (5kg)

F.M. Akgur, G.B. Zibari, J.C. McDonald, D.N. Granger, M.F. Brown "Kinetics of P-Selectin Expression in Regional Vascular Beds After Resuscitation of Hemorrhagic Shock: A Clue to the Mechanism of Multiple System Organ Failure" Shock 13. 2000: 140-144

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