Our Swiss Instruments are manufactured from fine Swiss steel. We offer a variety of tweezers and forceps.
  1. Dumont Stainless Steel Tweezers
    Dumont Stainless Steel is also known as Inox (from French acier inoxydable, a synonym for stainless steel). It is used for general purpose surgical instrument. Stainless steel surgical instruments are resistant to corrosion and autoclavable.
  2. Dumont Titanium Tweezers
    Titanium tweezers by Dumont offer all the benefits of titanium: non-magnetic, low glare, lightweight and durable. See our selection here.
  3. Dumostar Tweezers
    Dumont Dumostar Tweezers are made of patented Dumont steel. It is highly resistant to metal fatigue, has great elasticity and is durable. It is resistant to mineral and organic acids and salt, autoclavable, and it is more likely to break than to bend.
  4. Dumoxel Tweezers
    Dumont Dumoxel Tweezers are made of patented Dumont steel. They are resistant to staining, but slightly softer and less magnetic than stainless steel. Dumoxel has a higher resistance to corrosion due to its high content of molybdenum and chromium. It is very resistant to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other mineral and organic acids. It is autoclavable, and it is more likely to bend than to break.
  5. Scissors, Swiss
    Our Swiss line of instruments is produced using high quality stainless steel, precision-crafted with extreme attention to detail.
  6. Thumb Forceps
    Swiss Forceps, Swiss tweezers and Dumont tweezers– here's some information on selecting the proper forceps for your application.
  7. Tweezers
    Our line of Swiss surgical tweezers are manufactured from fine Swiss steel. >When we listen to our customers, we build a bridge of understanding and rapport. In that understanding, we discover the true needs of the customer. We have had numerous requests from you for affordable and good quality instruments and we are listening. World Precision Instruments is proud to introduce our own line of Swiss-made forceps and scissors. We worked diligently with our manufacturer to make sure our products meet your expectations. With over 45 years experience, World Precision Instruments provides innovative instruments to the biomedical research community. We look forward to continuing to expand our product line to better serve your evolving needs. We offer a variety of tweezers and forceps. Let us help you select the correct set of forceps for your application.  NOTE: WPI surgical instruments are for laboratory research applications. They are not certified for use on humans.
  8. Wire Cutters
    These wire cutters have ergonomic handles with a soft, comfortable gripping surface. Wire cutters are used for cutting  guide wires, mesh and catheters.
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