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Software for EVOM3

Python digital output package

EVOM3 firmware upgrade package EVOM3 Rev 1.5 (current release)

Software for LabScribe (formerly LabTrax)

LabScribe v4:

Windows OS: Win10

Mac OS: OSX 10.13 and above

Computer hardware:

  • Minimum specs: Dual Core processor, 4GB or greater memory.
  • Recommended specs: Quad Core 64 bit Processor, 8GB or greater memory.

Computer hardware for Eye Tracking:

  • Recommended specs: Intel i7 or better CPU,  16GB Ram, a 256 GB Solid state drive, Graphics card


  • Tablets running the full Windows 8 or full Windows 10 version such as Surface Pro, Dell Venue Pro, Asus Transformer Book, VivoTad, Toshiba Encore, etc ( windows RT is not supported)

Features in LabScribe v4 Software

The latest release, LabScribe includes a number of additional user-friendly acquisition features, user interface enhancements, powerful analysis capabilities and automated post-processing routines.
• Macro: Labscribe 4 adds the ability to automate tasks in LabScribe using Macros.
• Experiment Builder : Macros, can be used as an experiment builder for psychological studies.

  • Display Images, Videos and other media
  • Display Text and Colors
  • Use Spreadsheets
  • Control the Stimulator and Digital outputs

• Use Macros to Record the data in a multiple files, this reduces the file size making it easier to analyze the data.
• Import and apply settings from one file to another. This allows the user to apply the same settings to a set of data files that were recorded.
• Simplified Events and AutoFind dialog
• Hide/Show Image marks
• Metabolic Module:

  • New Online display simplifies calibration.
  • Control Woodway, or Trackmaster treadmills
  • Control Lode Ergometer
  • Control ANT+ FEC trainer bikes, such as the Watt Bike.
  • Online graphs for metabolic calculations, such as VO2, VCO2...
  • Other analysis module enhancements

• Video Capture
• Spike Sorting Analysis Module
• Lymphatic Contraction analysis
• RR Interval Export added to Advanced->ECG menu for HRV calculations using Kubios
• Eye Tracking: Heatmap display added
• Support for IX-GSR, iWire-AM, USB pulseoximeter, neonatal mouse ECG system.
• Cross-time-channel function, added Time to max, min, so that we can calculate the transit time, for measuring pulse wave velocity.

Download: v4.345 (Complete Installer ~700M)
Macintosh Installer
Windows 10 (32 or 64) Installer
Sample Files– ZIP file including hardware and software manuals, NO Demo recording, concentration spreadsheet examples. (

Note : The drivers installation is generally for IT departments only or for research applications. All LabScribe software installers include self-extracting drivers for operating systems including Vista-Win10 and OS10.13 and above.

Software for MPS-2/MPS-4

Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64) Installer

Software for USBCAM33/USBCAM50

Zip of all the files on the CD
Software Setup File
Device Drivers
Manufacture's website has Software Development Kit, LabView, drivers and Twain packages.

Other USBCAM Cameras

You can find information at You must login before you may download the new drivers


Helpful Information

Syringe Volume Calculation Spreadsheet - Use this .XLS spreadsheet to calculate the volume of your syringe when you are using an UMP3, DMP, MMP or PV820/PV830.

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