Chopstick Electrode Set for EVOM2, 4mm

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  • 4mm fixed width double electrodes
  • 1mm thick
  • Use in cell culture wells
  • Compatible with the EVOM, EVOM2, ERS, ERS2 (Millipore)

Manual electrodes

The STX2 consists of a fixed pair of double electrodes, 4 mm wide and 1 mm thick. Each stick of the electrode pair contains a silver/silver-chloride pellet for measuring voltage and a silver electrode for passing current. The small size of each electrode is designed to facilitate placement of the electrodes into cell culture wells. STX2 can be used with all tissue culture inserts currently on the market. For more accurate quantitative measurements and/or for lower resistance measurements (for example, endothelial tissue cultures) the EVOM2 can be used in conjunction with the optional Endohm chambers.


STX2 can be sterilized with EtO, alcohol or a bactericide

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