Teaching Microscope System

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Share what you see under the microscope with a group audience

  • Connect with students while social distancing
  • Wide viewing angles with excellent clarity
  • Store images for replay
  • Fast data transfer (HDMI ~30 fps or USB 2.0 ~15 fps)
  • Crystal clear image quality and vibrant, true-to-life color images with exceptional viewing from all angles creates a stimulating learning experience while social distancing
  • Images are clean and sharp with 3D noise reduction
  • Live video recording 1080p at 15 fps
  • Side-by-side image comparison
  • No need for a separate computer to display images (Monitor and SD card are included)
  • Cost-effective solution


  • Proven system is simple to setup and install
  • Maximum impact with the audience using minimal table space
  • Group can see images in real time
  • Analysis of images is easy with software
  • Recall session with stored images and video
  • Highlight special image areas with ZOOM


  • Tissue dissection
  • Cell injection
  • Speciimen manipulation
  • Entomology surgery
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Pathology
  • Cytology
  • Histology

Looking for a way to share what you see under the microscope with a remote audience? The WPI SMARTPZM Teaching Microscope System is perfect for remote learning or even social distancing in a live classroom. The HD color microscopy cameras set a new standard for excellence in high definition imaging for scientific and industrial applications. The HD cameras are full-featured offering 30 fps in video preview mode, with unrivaled color fidelity and on-board image capturing capability. 

The WPI SMARTPZM lets you view and capture images and video directly to the supplied SD card without the need for a computer or separate monitor! The 11.6" HD display offers beautiful, crystal-clear image quality, and vibrant, true-to-life color with exceptional viewing from all angles. It can be used as a stand-alone system or connected to a PC via USB cable where images can be displayed simultaneously on a monitor. For even more flexibility and ideal for teaching environments, the HDMI architecture allows the PRO-300 HDS camera to be connected to an optional HDMI-enabled projector.

The Teaching Microscope System is a turnkey solution that includes the PZMTIII-MI Microscope, the PRO-300 HDS camera with mouse and 8 Gb SD card, 11.6” monitor and all the cables and connectors needed to start sharing your images with others in a group or remote situation,  right out of the box.


The trinocular zoom microscope with illuminated base and articulating mirror  (PZMTIII-MI)  is mounted on a post stand and special focus mount.   The microscope includes a pair of 10X eyepieces and guards.  Both eyepieces and trinocular ports are active all the time.  Advanced optics provide the sharpest image that can only be found among the best of this class. It is superior to many stereo microscopes costing almost twice as much. Zooming is achieved by a spring-loaded knob that is smooth and effortless. (Zoom range is 0.67X to 4.5X.  It includes our standard trinocular stereo microscope head mounted on a research grade Brightfield/Darkfield pole type stand. It has a large stable work surface and a rotatable lens/mirror system which provides transmitted LED intensity illumination.

The sliding mirror is gimbaled, allowing for a full range of movement front to back, as well as rotation. The mirror rotates 360º on one axis and can slide for further lighting effect directionally, front to back. A knob on the right of the base adjusts the mirror and a locking ring holds the desired mirror position.

The articulating mirror lets you vary the microscope illumination from Brightfield LED to Darkfield LED at an appropriate angle. It is an effective tool for viewing live bacteria. At low magnifications, view tissues, cells or embryo transfer where oblique, transmitted illumination is critical.

PRO-300 HDS Camera

The PRO-300 HDS offers simultaneous live image output to an HD monitor and to a computer via USB connection. Images can be saved directly to a PC or Mac, or onto the SD card. Each camera is supplied with the PC/Mac-compatible on-board image capture software, as well as our full-featured CaptaVision PC image analysis software.

Built upon decades of microscopy and digital imaging experience, the PRO-300 HDS Series incorporates dual FPGA processors and unique algorithms that produce perfect color reproduction. The innovative technology of the cameras offers full 1080p video preview for HD output without any lag time or compression.

Built-in Mouse Control Software for HDMI Viewing & Recording Without a Computer

The advanced design of the cameras features software inside the cameras and an external HDMI port allowing users to connect directly to an HD monitor for live/real time viewing, capturing and saving of images to an SD card without being connected to a computer.  This on-board software also lets you control the camera with a click of the mouse rather than searching for buttons on the camera, making a PRO-300HDS Series camera the ideal choice for teaching, group presentations, or when a computer setup is simply not an option!

Simple Software Interface

Less is definitely more with the built-in camera software — only two icons appear on the start screen — one for capturing an image, the other for menu settings.

Auto or Manual Exposure Time Capability

With the PRO-300HDS cameras you are in full control of the exposure and gain. Use the Auto Exposure function or set the exposure time from 1ms up to 10 seconds and adjust 20 scales of Gain value.

3D Noise Reduction

Longer exposure times increase image noise. The integrated 3D noise reduction function keeps the PRO-300HDS camera image clean and sharp!

1080p Video Recording

Just click on the video record icon to start recording 1080p videos at 15fps. The recorded video files will be saved directly to the high speed SD card. You can also playback videos directly from the SD card.

Side-by-Side Image Comparison

The image comparison function allows you to choose one image, move the image position, or select the ROI area to compare with the live image.

Browse Captured Images & Video

Easily browse images on the SD card, zoom in on images, or delete them. You can even playback video files saved to the SD card from the Browse feature.

Feature-Rich CaptaVision Software

With the PRO-300 HDs cameras, no driver is needed when you connect to a PC or Mac via the USB 2.0 camera port. And, the included CaptaVision software for PC puts more image control features in your hands including focus stacking, image stitching and more!  CaptaVision is included with every PRO-300 HDS camera. It is intuitive and feature-enhanced software for PC that allows for more image control, analysis, annotation and more.

Advanced Camera Control

  • Basic camera settings: live image resolution, live capture resolution, exposure, white balance, and white balance wizard
  • Acquisition of still images and video with image types: jpg, bmp, tiff and RAW, and file save destination feature
  • Exposure control: auto, manual, gain, frame speed and data width
  • Color control: flat field function
  • Parameter group: save parameters for different applications
  • Live image measurement tools: scale line, calibrate, calibrate table, decimal, measurement data list, layers, lock/unlock, line, parallel, perpendicular, rectangle, 2-points circle, 3-points circle, diameter circle, concentric circle, polygon, arc, angle, point, annotate, cross-ruler
  • Live image shortcut tools: a special shortcut toolbar on the live image window to process live images quickly
  • Image Management: The Browse feature displays the file name, capturing time, color depth (bit), picture resolution and image size - even add comments to any individual image.
  • Image Processing: basic captured image functions and more including extended depth of focus, imaging stitching, measuring, labeling (including time/date stamp), HDR (High Dynamic Range) function
  • CaptaVision software interface is easy to navigate. A user manual is included on the flash drive provided.


What’s Included

  • PZMTIII-MI Trinocular Microscope with articulated-mirror luminated base
  • HD Camera with mount to interface to the camera
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • 12 V Power Adapter
  • 8 GB SD Card
  • USB 2.0 Mouse
  • CaptaVision PC Imaging Software
  • Y Power Splitter
  • 11.6” HD Display

Camera Specifications

Type Description
Sensor Aptina MT9P031
Sensor Size 1/2.5”, 0.5x C-mount recommended
Live Resolution 1920 x 1080
Frame Rate HDMI (30fps); USB 2.0 (15fps)
Image Capture High Speed SD Card (8GB)
Video Capture

HDMI: 1080p, 15fps to SD Card

USB 2.0: 1080p, 15fps to PC or Mac

Exposure Time 0.001sec-10.0 sec
White Balance Auto
Settings Gain, Gamma, Saturation, Contraction
Built-in Software Cloud 1.0
PC Imaging Software

CaptaVision: Imaging Software

(for PC only; Mac OS not supported)

Advanced Camera Controls: still image measurement and annotation; flat field correction; extended depth of focus (focus stacking); image stitching; HDR (High Dynamic Range) function

Image Types: JPEG, PNG, TIFF and DICOM
Output Modes Mode 1: USB 2.0 / Mode 2: HDMI
System Compatibility

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32 or 64 bit)

Mac OSX (for image transfer to Mac OSX only)

System Requirements: Intel processor (Core 2 Duo or higher); 2GB memory or more; USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port
Power Supply DC12V/1A


Monitor Specifications

Type Description

Mountable 11.6” HD Display

Contrast: 1000:1; Dot Pitch: 0.1338mm
Input Modes AC power, HDMI

Design, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Microscope Specifications

Type Description
ZOOM RANGE 0.67x - 4.5x
FIELD OF VIEW ø34 mm - 5 mm
DIOPTER ADJUSTMENT ±5 Diopter (both eyepiece tubes)  
MICROSCOPE BODY Rotatable 360°  
AUXILIARY LENSES: Total magnification 2x - 225x  
AUXILIARY LENSES: Biggest Field of View ø110 mm  
AUXILIARY LENSES: Working Distance 26-287 mm  

PZMIV/PZMTIV/PZMIII Eyepiece and Objective Specifications


PZMIII Eyepieces and Objectives
  10× Eyepiece 15× Eyepiece 20× Eyepiece 25× Eyepiece  
Objective Mag. Field (mm) 
(Video Field)†
Mag. Field (mm) 
(Video Field)†
Mag. Field (mm) 
(Video Field)†
Mag. Field (mm)
(Video Field)†
Working Distance (mm)
0.3× 2× - 13.5× 114 - 17 
(53.6 - 8)
3× - 20.3× 84 -13
(53.6 - 8)
4× -27× 69 - 10.3
(53.6 - 8)
5× - 33.8× 44.8 - 6.7
(53.6 - 8)
287 mm
0.5× 3.4× - 22.5× 69 - 10 
(32.4 - 4.7)
5× - 33.8× 51 - 7 
(32.4 - 4.7)
6.7× - 45×* 42 - 6.2
(32.4 - 4.7)
8.4× - 56.3× 26.9 - 4.0
(32.4 - 4.7)
177 mm*
0.75× 5× - 33.8× 45 - 7 
(21.1 - 3.3)
7.5× - 50.6× 34 - 5
(21.1 - 3.3)
10× - 67.5× 28 - 4.2
(21.1 - 3.3)
12.6× - 84.4× 17.9 - 2.7
(21.1 - 3.3)
117 mm
1.0× 6.7× - 45× 34 - 5 
(16 - 4.7)
10× - 67.5× 25 - 3.7
(16 - 4.7)
13.4× - 90× 21 - 3.1
(16 - 4.7)
16.8×-112.5× 13.4 - 2.0
(16 - 4.7)
100 mm
1.5× 10× - 67.5× 23 - 3.4
(10.8 - 1.6)
15× - 101.3× 17 - 2.5 
(10.8 - 1.6)
20.1×-135× 14 - 2.1
(10.8 - 1.6)
25.1×-168.8× 9.0 - 1.3(10.8 - 1.6) 47 mm
2.0× 13.4× - 90× 12 - 2.5
(5.6 - 1.17)
20.1× - 135× 13 - 1.8 
(5.6 - 1.17)
26.8×-180× 10 - 1.5
(5.6 - 1.17)
33.5× - 225× 6.7 - 1.0
(5.6 - 1.17)
26 mm
† The video field of view is based on a 1/2-inch (8 mm diagonal) CCD camera and a 0.5× camera adapter.
*Long working distance (LWD) configuration


Base Specifications

Type Description
Dimensions 330 mm (13") wide by 280 mm (11") length by 85 mm (3.37") high
Pillar Height 10” (25.6 mm)
Glass Stage Plate 9.5 cm (3.75") diameter
Stage Clips 75 mm clip length, 4 mm pin, paired
Illumination Port Built in incident and transmitted variable intensity
Rotatable Mirror Dual-reflection lens/mirror system provides transmitted brightfield
Manufacturer Made in Japan
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
CE yes
Package Information 10 lbs.
17 x 14 x 9"
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