High Definition Camera and Monitoring System

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HD imaging for scientific and industrial applications

  • High definition camera and monitoring system
  • 30 fps (HDMI) and 15 fps (USB 2.0), Aptina sensor and an 4 GB SD card
  • Includes HD camera, 1/2.5” (7.182 diagonal), Mountable 11.6” HD display screen (mounting hardware included), 4 GB SD card, USB 2.0 mouse, CaptaVision PC Imaging Software, HDMI Cable, USB 2.0 Cable, 12 V Power Adapter, HDMI Adapter, Y Power Splitter, Mounting
  • Brackets and Hardware
  • Specify line voltage
Ordering information
  • If purchased with Trinocular microscope PZMTIII or PZMTIV, the C-mount adapters are required.
  • PZMTIII requires 501381

  • PZMTIV requires 500262

PRO-300 camera shown mounted on a microscope system

Camera Comparison Chart


  • Connect your way: use directly, USB to PC or HDMI to a projector
  • Superior performance and color
  • Built-in mouse control software for HDMI viewing and recording without a computer
  • Fluorescence imaging with 3D noise reduction
  • Many built-in camera functions


  • Scientific and industrial imaging

The new HD color microscopy cameras set a new standard for excellence in high definition imaging for scientific and industrial applications. The HD cameras are full featured HD camera offering super fast frame rates in video preview, with unrivaled color fidelity and on-board image capturing capability. 

(Right: See the PRO-300HDS camera system mounted on our PZMTIII microscope with lighted base that are sold separately.)

The HD Camera and Monitor Systems lets you view and capture images and video directly to the supplied SD card without the need for a computer or separate monitor! The 11.6" HD display offers beautiful, crystal-clear image quality, and vibrant, true-to-life color with exceptional viewing from all angles. It can be used as a stand-alone system, or connected to a PC via USB cable where images can be displayed simultaneously on the HDS monitor and the PC. For even more flexibility and ideal for teaching environments, the HDMI architecture allows HDS to be connected to an HDMI-enabled projector as well.

Connect your way

Back view of the PRO-300HDS cameraThe HD Camera’ unique system architecture is the only camera in its class to offer simultaneous live image output to the HDS monitor and to a computer via USB 2.0. Images can be saved directly to a PC or Mac, or onto the SD card. Each camera is supplied with the PC-compatible on-board image capture software, as well as our full-featured CaptaVision PC image analysis software.

Superior performance & color

Built upon decades of microscopy and digital imaging experience, the HD Series incorporates dual FPGA processors and unique algorithms that produce perfect color reproduction. The innovative technology of the HD cameras offers full 1080p video preview for HD output without any lag time or compression.

Built-in mouse control software for HDMI viewing and recording without a computer!

The advanced design of the HD cameras feature software inside the cameras and an external HDMI port allowing you to connect directly to the HD monitor for live/real time viewing, capturing and saving of images to an SD card without being connected to a computer. This on-board software also lets you control the camera with a click of the mouse rather than searching for buttons on the camera, making the HD Series camera the ideal choice for teaching, group presentations, or when a computer set-up is simply not an option!

Camera and screen mounted on the trinocular port








                   3d Scan

Fluorescence imaging

The ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio sensor lets you set exposure time from 1ms to up to 10 seconds and adjust 20 scales of gain value. And, the incredibly efficient 3D noise reduction performance delivers detailed low light images, making the HD camera a great choice for fluorescence applications.

Built-in camera functions get you up and running FAST!

Simple Software Interface

Less is definitely more with the built-in camera software — only two icons appear on the start screen — one for capturing an image, the other for menu settings.

Auto or Manual Exposure Time Capability

With the HD cameras users are in full control of the exposure and gain. Use the Auto Exposure function or set the exposure time from 1ms up to 10 seconds and adjust 20 scales of gain value.

3D Noise Reduction

Longer exposure times increase image noise. The integrated 3D noise reduction function keeps the HD camera image clean and sharp!

Sensor on the bottom of the camera1080P Video Recording

Just click on the video record icon to start recording 1080P videos at 30fps. The recorded video files will be saved directly to the high speed SD card. You can also playback videos directly from the SD card.

Magnify (ROI), Rotate and Flip Images With Ease!

Image operation buttons on the right side of the screen allow users to select a ROI (Region of Interest), as well as flip or rotate an image. The ROI feature of the HD cameras help to get more image details by magnifying the image.

Side X Side Image Comparison!

The image comparison function allows you to choose one image, move the image position or select the ROI area to compare with the live image.

Browse Captured Images and Video

Easily browse images on the SD card, zoom in on images or delete them. You can even playback video files saved to the SD card from the Browse feature.

On Board Imaging Tools

With the HD camera, no driver is needed when you connect to a PC or Mac via the USB 2.0 camera port. With our Quick Start Guide, you’ll be up an running in no time with the on-board software that features basic imaging tools:

  • Flip Horizontally
  • Flip Vertically
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom Out
  • Crop
  • Divison
  • Cancel
  • Insert a Crossline
  • Compare Images
  • Browse Images

Feature-Rich CaptaVision Software Gives You More!

Included with every HD camera, is our intuitive and feature enhanced CaptaVision software for PC that allows for more image control, analysis, annotation and more! With the HD cameras, no driver is needed when you connect to a PC or Mac via the USB 2.0 camera port. And, the included CaptaVision software for PC puts more image control features in your hands including live and still image measurement, focus stacking, image stitching and more! 

Advanced Camera Control:PRO-300HDS.jpg

  • Basic camera settings: live image resolution, live capture resolution, exposure, white balance, and white balance wizard
  • Acquisition of still images and video with image types: jpg, bmp, tiff and RAW, and file save destination feature
  • Exposure control: auto, manual, gain, frame speed and data width
  • Color control: flat field function
  • Fluorescence settings: black level, levels (histogram), and capture mode specifically for fluorescence
  • Parameter group: save parameters for different applications
  • Live image measurement tools: scale line, calibrate, calibrate table, decimal, measurement data list, layers, lock/unlock, line, parallel, perpendicular, rectangle, 2-points circle, 3-points circle, diameter circle, concentric circle, polygon, arc, angle, point, annotate, cross-ruler
  • Live image shortcut tools: a special shortcut toolbar on the live image window to process live images quickly
  • Image Management: The Browse feature displays the file name, capturing time, color depth (bit), picture resolution and image size — even add comments to any individual image!
  • Image Processing: basic captured image functions and more including extended depth of focus, imaging stitching, measuring, labeling (including time/date stamp), HDR (High Dynamic Range) function
  • Fluorescence: a function used to assign fluorescence images with different colors and combine them together into one image — assign image color by choosing colors from the color palette or according to the dye used

Camera Specifications

Resolution (Live) 1920X1080
Sensor 1/2.5" (0.5x C-mount recommended); APTINA MT9P031
Frame Rate HDMI (30fps); USB 2.0 (15fps)
Image Capture 5.0 MP / High Speed SD Card (4GB)
Video Capture HDMI: 1080p, 15fps to SD Card
USB 2.0: 1080p, 15fps to PC or Mac
Exposure Time 0.001 sec - 10.0 sec
White Balance Auto
Settings Gain, Gamma, Saturation, Contraction
Built-in Software Cloud 1.0
PC Imaging Software CaptaVision Imaging Software (for PC only; Mac OS not supported)
Advanced Camera Controls:
live/still image measurement and annotation, flat field correction; extended depth of focus (focus stacking); image stitching; HDR (High Dynamic Range) function
Image Types:
Output Modes Mode 1: USB 2.0 / Mode 2: HDMI
System Compatibility

Windows XP, Vista 7, 8 and 10 (32 or 64-bit)

Mac OS X (for image transfer to Mac OS X only)

System Requirements Intel processor (Core 2 Duo or higher); 2GB memory or more; USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port
Power Supply DC12V/1A
Warranty 1 year
What's In the Box Excelis HD Camera, HDMI Cable, USB 2.0 Cable, 12V Power Adapter, 4GB SD Card, USB Mouse, CaptaVision PC Imaging Software


Monitor Mountable 11.6" HD Display (mounting hardware included)
Contrast 1000:1
Dot Pitch 0.1338mm
Input Modes AC power, HDMI
Warranty 1 year
What's In the Box Excelis HD Camera, 11.6" HD Monitor with mounting brackets/hardware, HDMI Adapter, Y Power Splitter, HDMI Cable, USB 2.0 Cable, 12V Power Adapter, 4GB SD Card, USB Mouse, CaptaVision PC Imaging Software


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