Precision Inverted Microscope, Trinocular

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Excellent for video recording and photography

  • Phase contrast at 10X and 20X
  • 160 x 260 mm stage
  • Infinity Optical System
  • Trinocular head for attaching camera
  • Abbe condenser
  • Coarse and fine focusing
  • Multiple objectives included


  • Stage includes inserts for holding standard culture dishes and slides
  • Halogen illumination, offering an image with true to life coloring
  • Fixed Stage­­—optics move during focusing—excellent for patch clamp and brain slice recording


  • Video recording/photography
  • Patch clamping
  • Brain slice recording

The PIMT201 is an affordable inverted microscope for pathologists, biologists and medical researchers. Able to perform intricate and varied applications for vital tissue cultures, it is perfect for observation and education or for professional research in a clinical lab. naturally choose this microscope.
Accessories included: Green, blue and neutral filters, dust cover, immersion oil, manual and warranty card.


Coarse adjustment: range of +8 to –3mm. Fine adjustment: 0.002mm

Camera to Microscope Configurations

Camera to Microscope Connections


Slide dim


Objective Distance NA Working
Plan-achromatic 4X 0.1 25.2mm
Plan-Achromatic Phase Contrast 10X 0.25  11mm
Plan-Achromatic Phase Contrast 20X 0.4 6.0mm
Plan-Achromatic 40X 0.6 3.2mm


Trinocular Head Specifications
EYEPIECES  EW 10× /22 extra wide field eyepieces
CONDENSER Abbe condenser with 10× / 20× phase
FOCUS Coarse adjustment range +8 to -3 mm
Fine adjustment: 0.002 mm
STAGE 160×250 mm
INSERTS 35 mm round, 50 mm round, 87×46 rectangular
STAGE DRIVE Coaxial drive controls
MECHANICAL STAGE X-Y coaxial control
120×78mm range of traverse
NOSEPIECE Quintuple nosepiece
OBJECTIVES Infinity optical system
Plan 4× and 40×,
Plan Phase 10× and 20×
ILLUMINATION 6V/30 W halogen bulb
Centering eyepiece for phase objective
FIXED STAGE Optics move during focusing—excellent for patch clamp and brain slice recording
WEIGHT 24 lb. 
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