Nitric Oxide Sensor - 2mm

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The original nitric oxide probe - ideal for cell cultures, cell suspensions and many other applications

  • Excellent sensitivity to NO: 2 pA/nM
  • Rapid response time: < 5 s
  • Highly sensitive
  • For use with Apollo1000, Apollo4000, TBR4100 and TBR1025
  • Lowest Detection Limit: 1 nM
  • Package of 1


  • 2 mm NO sensors for NO detection in cell cultures


  • Cell Culture, cell suspension

The ISO-NOP is a popular, robust and high performance sensor encased within a 2 mm diameter disposable stainless steel protective sleeve. The tip of the sleeve is covered with a NO-selective membrane. Replacement membrane sleeves can be  purchased separately (WPI #5436) and require an internal electrolyte (WPI #7325).

A simple change in experimental protocol enables the ISO-NOP to be conveniently used for indirect rapid accurate determination of nitrite (NO–2) and nitrate (NO–3) concentration in samples. Using this method a detection limit for NO–2 or NO–3 as low as 1 nM is routinely possible.

NOTE: The 2 mm biosensors come with a spare membrane sleeve, 1cc syringe, an MF28G67 MicroFil needle and 10mL of filling solution.

2mm Biosensors come with spare parts

 an abdominal x-rayThe image (right) shows an abdominal x-ray of an apparatus consisting of two customized ISO-NOP nitric oxide probes, 4-channel pH catheter and Teflon nasogastic tube. (Courtesy Prof. K.E.L. McColl, University Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, Scotland., lijima, K., et al. Gastroenterology 2003:122:1248-1257)

Selectivity of WPI's NO sensors

The ideal NO sensor should be insensitive to other reactive species likely to be present within the measurement environment. Conventional Nafion coated carbon fiber NO sensor exhibits a large response to such species. WPI's unique NO sensor technology utilizes an novel surface membrane which amplifies the response to NO while eliminating responses to a vast range of reactive species, including nitrite, absorbic acid, hydrogen peroxide, catecolamines and much more.

Outside Diameter 2 mm
Response Time < 5 s
Lowest Detection Limit/Range 1 nM
Upper Detection Limit/Range 80 µM (beyond 80 µM, sensor accuracy is not guaranteed)
Nominal Sensitivity (New sensor) ≤2 pA/nM
Interferent (Selectivity Coefficient) NaNO2 (10-6 or better)
Drift <1 pA/min.
Poise Voltage 865 mV
Typical Quiescent Baseline Current, 25°C 3,000 pA
Acceptable Baseline Range 1,000-8,000 pA
Polarization Time 12+ hours
Recommended Polarization Solution 0.1 M KI/H2SO4
Physiological Interference None

J.E. Doeller, T. S. Isbell, G. Benavides, J. Koenitzer, H.Patel, R. P. Patel, J. R. Lancaster, Jr. V. M. Darley-Usmar, D.W. Kraus "Polarogaphic measurement of hydrogen sulfide production and consumption by mammalian tissues" Analytical Biochemistry 341. 2005: 40-51

Murine strain differences in inflammatory angiogenesis of internal wound in diabetes. (2017). Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 86, 715–724. 

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