Isolated Differential Amplifier with active probe

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Excellent recording performance for extracellular nerve AP

  • Battery powered, rechargeable
  • High pass and low pass filtering
  • Active remote headstage
  • AC only amplification
  • Electrode impedance test function
  • Electrode current generation with polarity select
  • Variable output positioning
  • The ISO-80P replacement probe does not need the ISO-80 to be sent in for calibration

The startup kit includes 2-CBL102, 2-5469, 2-13388, 3294, 2033, 2034, 2-2035, 2-M3301EH, 5470, EP1.


See what you need to know before you buy an amplifier.


  • Ultra quiet DC power supply
  • Intrinsic low susceptibility to ground loops
  • High signal to noise ratio due to remote head stage
  • Small footprint
  • Stimulation/histological marking current


  • Amplifying bio-potentials using metal microelectrodes
  • Brain slice field potentials
  • EAG (Electroantennogram)
  • ERG (Electroretinogram)
  • Monitor extracellular nerve action potentials
  • Use for cell marking, stimulation or electrode cleaning
  • In vivo cortical recording

The ISO-80 provides low noise AC coupled amplification and offers excellent recording performance for monitoring extracellular nerve action potentials in vitro and in living animals. The ISO-80 is provided with a remote headstage (1 m cable) which incorporates an electrode impedance test function and a constant current stimulator. The constant current stimulator can be used for cell marking, stimulation or electrode cleaning. Typical applications include measuring EMG, EEG, extracellular and action potentials in vitro or in vivo. The ISO-80 system is DC isolated from the subject ground and employs state of the art electro-magnetic shielding for improved noise rejection. The amplifier employs both high pass and low pass filtering with gain from 100 to 10,000. The lowest low-pass setting is 5 Hz and the upper passband is 10 kHz.

Startup Kit

Included with the ISO-80 is a Startup Kit containing the following accessories needed for basic metal electrode electrophysiology research:

  • CBL102 Cable, BNC-to-3.5 mm plug 6 ft. (2m) (two)
  • 5469 Adapter, mini-banana to 0.031 socket (two)
  • 13388 Adapter, mini-banana to 2mm socket (two)
  • 3294 Cable, ground clip to wire, 3 ft.
  • 2033 Mini-banana plug, black
  • 2034 Mini-banana plug, red
  • 2035 Mini-banana plug solderable turrent (two)
  • EP1 Ag/AgCl pellet (70 mm wire) 1 mm diam x 2.5 mm long
  • M3301EH Electrode Holder, 14cm (two)
  • 5470 0.031-inch jack on 12-inch wire (package of 4)


Input Resistance 1011Ω, Common Mode and differential
Input Leakage Current 50 pA, max.
Amplification x102, x103, x104
Common Mode Rejection Ratio 100 dB typ. @ 50/60 Hz
Equivalent Noise Signal Input 0.4 µV rms (0.1-100 Hz) 2.0 µV rms (1 Hz - 10 kHz)
Filter Settings:Low frequency 5, 10, 100, 300 Hz
Filter Settings:High frequency 100 Hz, 1, 3, 10 kHz
Max. Output Voltage Swing ±8 V
Electrode Impedance Range 100 kΩ - 10 MΩ @ 300Hz
Stimulation Current 0 to ±20 µA (constant current)
Maximum STIMULATION Voltage ±15 V
Maximum Electrode Voltage ±40 V
Displa y 3.5-digit LCD
BATTERY TEST Low battery display
Power Two 9 V Ni-MH batteries & charger,supplied
SHIPPING WEIGHT 4 lb. (1.8 kg)
More Choices:
  1. Ground Wire for DAM80 Probe
    Ground Wire for DAM80 Probe
  2. Adapter Electrode 0.031 for DAM80P
    Adapter Electrode 0.031 for DAM80P
  3. Uninsulated Mini Banana Plug
    Uninsulated Mini Banana Plug
  4. Black Insulated Mini Banana Plug
    Black Insulated Mini Banana Plug
  5. Red Insulated Mini Banana Plug
    Red Insulated Mini Banana Plug
  6. Electrode adapter for DAM probes
    Electrode adapter for DAM probes
  7. DAM Series, PM Series
    DAM Series, PM Series
  8. Ag/AgCl Electrode
    Ag/AgCl Electrode
    Multiple SKUs
  9. Replacement Electrode Holder
    Replacement Electrode Holder

 Mutliple applications are available with a variety of options. Here you can see two setups.


In this setup, metal electrodes are used with a differential amplifier. In this setup, a DAM80 is shown, but you could easily substitute a DAM50 (with 5489), ISO-DAM8A (with 74040) or ISO-80.


ISO-80 differential application setup

Differential application setup with ISO-80


For rare instances when using extracellular amplifiers with glass, you could use the setup shown below. In this setup, a DAM80 is shown, but you could easily substitute an ISODAM8A (with 74040) or ISO-80. Likewise, this setup shows the 2505 handle (1/4" - 6.3mm), but if you have a smaller micromanipulator, you may need the 5444 handle (3/16" - 4.8mm). In this illustration, MEH7W-10 is used, but any glass-size MEH7W could be used. (MEH7W-10 is 1.0mm glass, MEH7W-12 is 1.2mm glass, MEH7W-15 is 1.5mm glass and MEH7W-20 is 2.0mm glass.) EP2 is used for grounding in the illustration.

For single-ended applications, however, a 2033 wire adapter on the black connector socket can be connected to the 3294 cable. The tip used depends on your specific needs. In the illustration, TIP1TW1 was suggested. NOTE that the glass is not shown in the illustration below. 

 ISO-80 single ended application

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