UMP3 - Popular Microsyringe pump

[by Alec Dickson]

cardiophys for cardio toxicity

Easy to Configure Using the SmartTouch Interface

The UMP3 UltraMicroPump is easy to configure using the SMARTouch interface. It is pre-programmed for popular microsyringes and allows for user-defined syringe parameters, too. This ensures nearly universal compatibility. You can control up to two pumps, either simultaneously or independently, and the optional foot switch means hands-free operation. You can instantly verify actual injection volume on the graphical display. You can even use the touch screen while wearing gloves.

Ensure Reliable Injections of Small Volumes

The extremely fine thread-pitch of the UMP3 drive shaft ensures reliable injections of small volumes. When you are using a 10-microliter syringe, this correlates to 0.58 nanoliters/step and injections are accurate down to 1 nanoliter. “Smooth” mode uses micro-steps and allows for a smoother injection, increasing the resolution eight-fold. “Standard” mode allows for higher torque, for viscous samples or applications requiring long tubing.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Microsyringes

The UltraMicroPump accepts a wide range of microsyringes with a barrel diameter between 5.5 and 9.0 mm. WPI offers a complete line of NanoFil syringes, needles and kits for applications like ocular injections or retinal pigment epithelial injections. The UMP3 is compatible with popular microsyringes from other manufacturers, like Hamilton, SGE and ILS.

Super Compact

Its compact size allows the injector to be placed at injection site, avoiding the use of tubing. Syringes can be filled externally, preserving precious sample. These features guarantee a low dead volume.

Compatible with Most Stereotaxic Frames and Most Micromanipulators

The new universal mount of the micropump is compatible with most stereotaxic frames and most micromanipulators. The universal mount is now 4.3” long, which can accommodate specialized microsyringes, such as the challenging long needle of the Hamilton Neuros 7000 series and 700 series syringes. Mounting in a micromanipulator allows for precision placement of injections regardless of the application.


Why WPI's UMP3™ is the Popular Choice

CardioPhys ECG Monitor

Many advanced features make the UMP3 the popular choice. For example, its low-noise feature disables the motor to reduce electrical noise when you are making electrophysiology recordings. Another feature, if required, automates the pump using remote computer access via a USB cable.

The UMP3 UltraMicroPump is popular with researchers, because it’s loaded with the features they need. When precision counts, when expensive reagents are involved, when you need a microinjector designed for laboratory use, you can count on the UMP3. Give us a call today to discuss your application.


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