Buying Multi-Barrel Glass Capillaries

Multi-barrel glass capillaries

Two-barrel, 3-barrel, 5-barrel and 7-barrel glass capillaries are available at WPI.

Multi-barrel configurations are designed especially for microiontophoresis. Because the capillaries are fused together during manufacturing, you will not need to twist them while pulling to seal the tips together. An inner filament in each barrel makes filling easy and fast.

Multi-Barrel Borosilicate Glass Tubing with Filaments

Order code Length Description OD/ID (mm) Filament Quantity
2B150F-4 4 in. (102mm) 2-Barrel 1.5/0.84 X 100
3B120F-4 4 in. (102mm) 3-Barrel 1.2/0.68 X 100
5B120F-4 4 in. (102mm) 5-Barrel 1.2/0.68 X 65
5B120F-6 6 in. (102mm) 5-Barrel 1.2/0.68  X  65
7B100F-4 4 in. (102mm) 7-Barrel 1.2/0.58 X 60
7B120F-4 4 in. (102mm) 7-Barrel 1.2/0.68 X 75
2B150F-6 6 in. (152mm) 2-Barrel 1.5/0.84 X 100
3B120F-6 6 in. (152mm) 3-Barrel 1.2/0.68 X 100
7B100F-6 6 in. (152mm) 7-Barrel 1.0/0.58 X 60

Special Configuration Borosilicate Capillaries

Piggyback glasspiggyback_opt.jpeg

Septum Theta (left image) offers superior cell impalement. The natural bevel resulting from the prominent spear-like projection of the septum gives microelectrodes a sharp, spear-point tip. This style has low resistance for use as a single microelectrode, and it can be used to make superior double-tipped microelectrodes with low trans-tip coupling. The natural bevel of Septum Theta also significantly increases the effective tip cross-section. As supplied, the width of the septum is approximately 0.2 mm; wall thickness is approximately 0.2 mm.

Piggyback glass (right image) consists of a pair of borosilicate capillaries fused together during manufacture. One barrel is larger than the other, and both have inner filaments for quick filling. Piggyback glass makes it simple to fabricate two-barrel electrodes with a significant tip diameter differential.

Special Configuration Borosilicate Glass Tubing

Order code Description OD/ID (mm) Length Quantity
TST150-6 Septum Theta 1.5/1.02 6 in. (152 mm) 100
PB150F-4 Piggyback 1.51/0.84
4 in. (102 mm) 50
PB150F-6 Piggyback 1.51/0.84
6 in. (152 mm) 50

Borosilicate Glass Rod

Order code Description OD (mm) Length Quantity
GR100-4 Glass Rod 1.0 4 in. (102 mm) 500
GR100-6 Glass Rod 1.0 6 in. (152 mm) 500


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