Multi Programmable Syringe Pump

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The best value on syringe pumps in the market!

  • Cost-effective
  • Program sequences without a computer
  • Rich command set
  • RS-232 and TTL control
  • Holds 2, 4, 6, or 8 syringes of up to 10 cc each
  • Infuses and withdraws

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  • Automatic dispensing of small volumes
  • Very precise flow rate control
  • Hands-free operation with foot switch 


  • Drug administration
  • Chemical applications with slow incorporation of fixed volumes of fluids

The Aladdin pump series arguably offers the best VALUE for any syringe pump on the market.

These pumps are available in single, dual, 4 , 6, and 8 syringe capacities. Although it is one of the most cost-effective pumps available, the Aladdin pump series boasts a versatility that is unmatched in its price range with features typically found only on pumps costing more than twice as much.

The Aladdin series provides the capability to both inject and withdraw. These pumps can be used for manually triggered injections, but also have the capability to be programmed in multi-step pumping sequences without the requirement for a computer. Even so, this series also has both RS-232 and TTL inputs for external control and status feedback to a computer, if desired. The pumps can be daisy chained for multi pump applications involving push/pull protocols or multiple independent channels. The performance characteristics are admirable, considering the price.

For the budget minded lab looking for a versatile and reliable pump, the Aladdin series is an excellent option.

The Aladdin pump series will accept syringes from Becton Dickinson, Monoject, Terumo and Air-Tite.

The AL-8000 has the following additional features:

  • Glass or stainless steel syringes larger than 20mL may require Anti-siphon Modification Kit
  • Infusion rates from 0.568µL/hr (1cc syringe) to 380ml/Syringe pumphr (10 cc syringe)
  • Easy-to-use keypad interface
  • Higher flow rate models available
  • Includes all the advanced functions and programming features
  • Programmable preset protocols
  • RS-232 and TTL logic control interfaces
  • Worldwide power supplies available
  • Motor stall detection
  • Non-volatile memory of all parameters and programming
  • Upgradeable to the X and X2 advanced firmware versions for gradient pumping and increased program memory
  • Dispensing accuracy of ±1%

The AL-8000 Programmable Syringe Pump is designed for automation. It can be operated in a stand alone fashion or from a computer. Applications range from simple infusion to complex pumping programs. You may program up to 41 pumping phases that include changing pumping rates, setting dispensing volumes, inserting pauses, controlling or responding to external signals, or sounding the buzzer.

Two pumps connected with a dual cable create a Dual Pump System allowing for continuous infusion or emulsification. Network, control and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer. 


Example Flow Rates

Syringe Size Max Rate Min Rate 
0.5 µL 17.45 µL/hr 0.001 µL/hr
1 mL 36.19 mL/hr 0.452 µL/hr
3 mL 153.2 mL/hr 1.914 µL/hr
5 mL 255 mL/hr 3.185 µL/hr
10 mL 415.9 mL/hr 5.195 µL/hr
ADVANCE PER STEP 0.132291667 µm to 0.26458333 µm, depending on motor speed
DRIVE SCREW PITCH 20 revolutions/inch
POWER SUPPLY Wall adapter 12V DC @ 1000 mA
DC CONNECTOR 2.5mm, center positive
POWER SUPPLY TYPE Unregulated linear external wall adapter, country and power source specific
DIMENSIONS 10.25”x15”x5” High (26x38.1x12.7cm)
WEIGHT 10.125 lbs. (4.595kg)
Maximum speed 3.4917 cm/min.
Minimum speed 0.0026 cm/hr.
Maximum pumping rate 163 mL/hr. with a B-D 60cc syringe
Minimum pumping rate 0.454 μL/hr. with a B-D 1cc syringe
Force applied to all syringes 160 lbs. at min. speed, 30 lbs. at max. speed
Number of program phases 41
RS-232 pump network 100 pumps maximum
RS-232 selectable baud rate 300, 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200
Syringe inside diameter range 0.100–50.00 mm
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