Iso-DAM8A Active Headstage

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  • The startup kit includes 13776, 5469, 3294, 2033, 2034, 2-2035

Bridge8 is a modular, rack-mountable amplifier system based on a similar architecture to the popular ISO-DAM8A amplifier system. Bridge8 is specifically designed to be used as a signal conditioning amplifier with strain gauges and other powered transducers. Bridge8 includes differential amplifiers featuring high input impedance, high common mode rejection and low current leakage input terminals for low noise operation. The Bridge8 also features a half bridge switch and channel offset A wide variety of WPI transducers are available for force, temperature, pressure and light measurements. The Bridge8 amplifier is a clear choice where convenience and quality are required. Any combination of ISO-DAM8 or Bridge8 modules may be combined in the same enclosure. The ISO-DAM8A module is also available in this rack configuration.

Complete eight channel amplifier system with 74030 chassis showing eight 74020 (ISODAM8A) modules installed
*Also available for BRIDGE8 transducer amplifier modules and blank panels (74050).


*The modules are sold separately.  

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