GLUture Topical Tissue Adhesive

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  • Octyl/Butyl Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for bonding live tissue
  • Suitable for surface wound bonding
  • Hold a sensor or other device on tissue
  • Save time; no more sutures
  • Safe for use on animals

Gluture topical tissue adhesive is an Octyl/Butyl cyanoacrylate blend that offers a flexible seal and a strong bond that contours the wound site. Gluture applies purple for excellent visibility and dries clear. Offered in a multi-use package of 10 applicators designed for quick, flow-controlled application.

On average octyl cyanoacrylate adhesives close a wound ten times faster than traditional sutures. The bonding strength of Gluture adhesive is equivalent to 5-0 monofilament suture. As a bonus, it has a mysterious anti-microbial effect that decreases the rate of infections. Cosmetically, a Gluture wound heals better, too. The adhesive normally sloughs off naturally in 5-7 days.

All of the cyanoacrylate adhesives offered by WPI are veterinary grade (not suitable for human application). Though very similar to the grade for human use, they are not sterile and do not have FDA approval.

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