Digital Caliper

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For easy and accurate measurements

  • Measures up to 150 mm
  • 0.01 mm resolution

The high quality electronic digital caliper is a useful tool — no laboratory should be without one because it is more accurate and easier to use than the traditional analog devices. Measure in either inches or millimeters at the touch of a button. The floating zero feature allows you to read the increment without calculation. The caliper is made from hardened stainless. The caliper measures up to 150 mm (6 in.) with 0.01 mm (or 0.0005") resolution. The caliper is designed to be water-resistant to IP54 as defined in the IEC529 standard. The IP54 code’s first digit “5” means dust-protected. The second digit “4” means that the caliper is protected against splashing water — it can withstand a shower from every direction for 10 minutes. 

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