Powerful Ball Joint Rare Earth Magnet

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Construct holding devices for small parts/equipment

  • Small but very powerful: holds 2 kilograms (~5 pounds)!
  • Steel ball rotates freely 360° on a 180° axis
  • M3 mounting screw on ball for attachment to equipment
  • Magnet base threaded (M3) for mounting onto a base or equipment

Magnetic Ball Joint schematicThis novel magnetic ball joint has phenomenal holding power for up to 2kg of attached weight wile permitting the ball a full 360° rotation on a 180° axis. You can freely orient your equipment to an infinite number of positions within this rotation. This is made possible by the combination of a steel ball (1mm diameter) and a powerful rare earth magnet contained in the magnet cylinder (10 x 20mm). Convenient M3 attachment sites are provided on both the ball (male) and the magnet base (female).

For use with micromanipulators for the positioning and holding of optical instruments including various lighting sources and lasers, pipettes and any small parts that would benfit from the flexibility offered by this new magnetic ball joint.

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