Surgical Skin Stapler Handle & Cartridge

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The WPSS01 skin stapler is an affordable, reliable solution for ideal veterinary wound closures.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Designed specifically for veterinarians
  • Clear handle makes it easy to spot contaminants
  • Uses reloadable cartridges containing 35 stainless steel staples
  • Autoclavable handle
  • Improves patient safety by considerably reducing surgery and anesthesia time
  • Angled tip design helps you maintain a clear view of the incision line at all times
  • Lightweight but durable with a comfortable ergonomic grip design
  • Simple to use — simple to reload
  • Designed to reduce problems with rotated staples


Part # Description
WPSS01 Skin Stapler (one staple cartridge included)
WPSS02  Staple Cartridge (35 staples)


Stainless steel skin staples are 3.6 mm high by 6.9 mm wide after closure.

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  1. Cartridge For WPSS01
    Cartridge For WPSS01
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