Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel Tweezers

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    • The soft feel and non-slip grip makes this kit ideal for many applications. The tweezers are non-magnetic and non-reflective with an¬† epoxy coating.
    • The tweezers are non-magnetic and made of stainless steel, for long lasting durability.
    • Slightly wider than average build and spring tension which makes them easier to use and grip and gives them more holding power as well.
    • The added strength along with the epoxy coating make these tweezers highly durable and reliable at a great price point. The set includes 6 types of tweezers in a handy plastic pouch to keep them organized. Tweezers tip styles included: # 2a (4.75"), 3c (4.5"), 4 (4.5"), 7 (4.75"), 00 (4.75") and SS (5.5").

    • Heavy-duty epoxy coated tweezers set
    • Includes good variety of tip sizes and style suitable for many applications
    • Set comes in a plastic storage pouch for organization and storage
    • Tweezers feature durable epoxy coating up to the tips
    • Made of non-magnetic stainless steel
    • Includes the following:
2a - Straight tip, dull rounded point (4.75") 3c - Short with straight tip, fine point (4.5") 4 - Short, with straight skinny tip, fine point (4.5") 7 - Curved tip, fine point (4.75") 00 - Straight tip, extra-fine point (4.75") SS - Extra long, fine point (5.5")
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