Surgistain Rust and Stain Remover, 16 oz.

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Removes rust, spots and stains from surgical instruments

  • A 10-minute soak keeps instruments looking new
  • Mild acidic solution removes rust, stains, spotting and corrosion
  • Routine use of Surgistain® will enhance the life and efficiency of stainless steel instruments


  • Restores instruments' original finish
  • Non-corrosive and will not harm stainless steel
  • Save money by restoring instruments instead of replacing or repairing them
  • Restores articulation to box-locks and joints
  • Prevents destructive pitting on ridges of micro and ophthalmic instruments


  • Surgistain® is a quick, safe and efficient revitalizing solution that removes rust, pitting, stains and corrosion from stainless steel surgical instruments.

For more then 20 years, hospitals worldwide have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by using Surgistain® to restore instruments. Used routinely as part of the Ruhof System, Surgistain® will help maintain the life and efficiency of your instruments and reduce repair and replacements costs. If used on a monthly basis in conjunction with our enzymatic cleaners, Surgistain® will restore the instruments' original finish and loosen box-locks and joints. It is an excellent choice for use on all ophthalmic and microsurgical instruments.

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