X-Wide Contacts Nerve Cuff

The Nerve Cuffs are made out of biocompatible materials. They are mechanically flexible and can be provided in many geometric configurations and a wide range of sizes. Nerve Cuffs can be used for acute or chronic experiments

The key utility for these cuffs is that the large electrodes' contact areas are ideal for studies requiring high current levels and when using KHz electrical stimulation to achieve the block of activity in peripheral nerves. The reduced impedances are ideal for making sure the output of stimulation sources is not attenuated, so that the true block of nerve activity is achieved.

The X-Wide Nerve Cuffs were developed in partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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General Specifications

 d  Inner diameter   Specs for nerve cuff x-wide electrodes
 x  Spacing between contacts/td>  
 n  Number of contacts  
 y  Distance from the last contacts to the edge of the cuff  
 s  Stranded stainless steel leads with Teflon insulation 300 mm long (typical)  
 W  Width of the contact, platinum/Iridium 90/10  

Types of Electrodes 

Application Electrode Type d (mm) x (mm) y (mm) W (mm)
Sciatic Rat, 1.4 mm avg. nerve OD, 2.5 mm cuff ID 2.5  1 1.5 0.5
Tibial Rat, 1.2 mm avg. nerve OD, 1.5 mm cuff ID  1.5 1 1.5 0.5
Cervical Vagus Rat, 0.5 mm avg. nerve OD, 0.75 mm cuff ID  0.75 1 1.5 0.5
Subdiaphragmatic Vagus Rat, 0.3 mm avg. nerve OD, 0.5 mm cuff ID 0.5 1 1.5 0.5
Custom Standard   1.0–5.0      
Custom Microcuff   0.5 or 0.75      

Design Specifications

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Invivo1 Banana Terminal Touch Proof Connector Omnetics Connector
Banana Terminal
Touch Proof Connector
Omnetics Connector

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