Nerve Cuff Standard

Nerve cuff electrodes are designed for reliable recording and/or stimulation of any peripheral nerve. They can be used acutely or for chronic implantation, with a wide selection of inner diameters available to be selected based on the nerve diameter. The nerve cuffs are designed to provide flexibility in electrode contact location for recording and stimulation protocols.How to configure your nerve cuff electrode


Many custom combinations of inner diameters and contact arrangements are available for standard, micro and nano nerve cuffs.

1.  Optional Sutures

2.  1 to 24 Contacts ( Platinum, Platinum/Iridium or Stainless Steel)

3.  Custom length

4.  Custom Diameter

5.  Stranded Stainless Steel Leads

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Design specifications

Typical three times distance between contacts, to provide maximum isolation.

45 angle NCE


Parallel NCE


90 angle NCE

Parallel to NCE

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