Office RMA Form

office RMA

This for is for use by WPI offices and distributors.

For returns and exchanges in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, see the Returns, Refunds & Exchanges form. In other regions, please contact your distributor.

Decontamination Check

We will not accept delivery of any equipment that contains or is contaminated with hazardous substances. Please make sure all items are properly cleaned and decontaminated prior to returning to our facility.

Decontaminating your equipment can be done by the following methods:

  • Gas Sterilization (Ethylene Oxide)
  • Irradiation
  • Disinfectant wipe down (i.e. 10% Bleach Solution)
  • Scintillation count (For radioactive applications. Please include isotope data.)

Please mark the following check boxes to confirm that your return is safe to handle.

Not checking the boxes may cause that an RMA number assignment not to be issued

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Apply for Tax Exempt Status
WPI collects tax in AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, MA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NV, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WA and WI.
If you are shipping to one of these states, your order will incur tax and tax will not be refunded.