Motorized Stereotaxic Frame

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Automatically calculates coordinates and accurately places the probe

  • Accurate microstepping motor drive for high resolution placement
  • Increased precision and repeatability of motion over traditional, manual stereotaxic frames
  • No more error resulting from reading Vernier scales
  • Brain atlas coordinates may be input into the controller, with no computer required
  • Coordinate distances are automatically calculated
  • Touch screen controller for easy, intuitive control with better than 10 μm precision
  • Graphic controller display for instant operational feedback
  • Hand controller for complete manual control

Stereotaxic Surgery System includes:

  • MTM-3 Stereotaxic Frame with Digital Controller and Hand Controller
  • 502210 Probe Holder
  • 502056 Rat ear bars (45°) or  502055 Rat ear bars (18°)   
  • 502265 Mouse adapter/tooth bar or 502266 Rat adapter  


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3 axis


6 axis

The current data sheet provides details in a downloadable PDF format.


  • 1 set of ear bars and one adapter (mouse or rat) are included
  • Reliable positioning reduces errors
  • Increased precision and repeatabilty of motion
  • Feature rich for your convenience of use
  • Multiple modes of operation for precise probe positioning


  • Stereotaxic surgery for small animal research

2-Minute Video Highlights

For a quick 2 minute overview of the motorized stereotaxic frame, take a look at this video.

4-Minute Video Demonstration

For a few more details, check out the 4-minute video on the motorized stereotaxic frame.

When precision and repeatability of motion are critical, the MTM-3 Motorized Stereotaxic Frame outperforms manual stereotaxic frame models, and it greatly reduces human error when performing routine stereotaxic surgery. The motorized axes of the MTM-3 provide precise, controlled, 3-dimensional placement of any probe or accessory within the working space of a stereotaxic frame.

No computer is required. The MTM-3 arm supplied with WPI stereotaxic frames is also compatible with standard stereotaxic frames and may be adapted to existing frames of other manufacturers.

Single and dual manipulator arm motorized systems are also available. This allows you to mount a stereotaxic drill and a probe simultaneously. Both axis wheel control and touchscreen controller are included.

WPI carries stereotaxic drills, probes and other Lab Equipment for stereotaxic surgery.

Reliability positioning and reduced errors

  • Automatically calculates brain map coordinates for precise probe placement during a sterotaxic surgery.
  • No more error resulting from reading Vernier scales

Increased precision and repeatability of motion

  • Better than 10 μm accuracy with microstepping motor drive for high resolution placement
  • Coordinate distances are automatically calculated

Convenient to use

  • Brain atlas coordinates can be input into the controller, no computer required
  • Touch screen for ease of control
  • Graphic controller display for instant operational feedback during a stereotaxic surgery
  • Set the “final approach” speed between 2mm/sec and 0.02mm/sec 

Multiple modes for positioning

The arms of the motorized stereotaxic frame may be positioned manually using the digital interface or hand controller. Use the Coordinates mode to control the arm positions based on specific mapped coordinates. Set your retracted position, and store up to three reference (origin) positions. Then, display the probe position with respect to any of your references or the absolute coordinates.  If you prefer to write short scripts, computer control is also available which uses a simple, text based command set. For example, if your brain research requires that you routinely drill in the same location of the skull and implant a probe to the same prescribed depth, a script could dramatically improve your process.

Manual Mode Positioning of the Controller Arm

  • Move the actuator using the touch panel or the intuitive manual 3 axis wheel controller
  • Individual axes may be easily disabled/enabled to ensure motion on only the desired axis of the stereotaxic frame
  • Controller allows for three different speed sensitivity levels

Coordinates Mode Positioning of the Controller Arm

  • Specify retracted position
  • Store three origin definitions (references)
  • Probe position may be displayed with respect to any of the references, as well as absolute coordinates
  • Position plot cursor graphically represents the actuator arm position with respect to any of the stored references
  • All functions are accomplished without the use of a computer (computer interface available, if desired)

Optional Computer Control of the Controller Arm

  • Remote computer control through a USB port and text based open command set using off-the shelf communications software
  • Text based command set provided
  • Use a terminal program to create simple scripts for repetitive operations
Travel 80 mm on each axis
Precision 10 µm
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