Pure Iridium Metal Electrodes Profile C

Order code
  • Multi unit and single unit recording

Pure Iridium Metal Electrodes Profile C Comparison Chart  

Order code Length Insulation
Typical Use
IRM23E05KT 50mm 0.180 mm 0.5 MΩ 2-3µ Multiunit & ERP recording & stimulation 
IRM23E15KT 50mm 0.180 mm 1.5 MΩ 1-2µ Single and multiunit recording and stimulation 
IRM23E20KT 50mm 0.180 mm 2.0 MΩ 1-2µ Greater selectivity & microstimulation 
IRM23E25KT-H 50mm 0.180 mm 2.5 MΩ  Greater selectivity - small cells 
IRM23E30KT 50mm 0.180 mm 3.0 MΩ 1-2µ Greater selectivity - small cells 


Typical Use

Multi unit and single unit recording and stimulation


Kapton tubing

Kapton tubing, indicated by “KT” in the part number, extends from the connector to within 5 mm of the tip, providing stiffness and additional insulation to the electrode shaft. Kapton-clad electrodes are recommended when the electrode is to be inserted through a cannula for extra deep penetration.


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