Integraslice Vibrating Microtome

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  • Vibration frequency: 50–80Hz
  • Adjustable amplitude: 0.5–1.5mm
  • Fine control of the blade advance (min. 0.1 mm/sec)
  • Set start and finish position of blade travel
  • Remote controls allowing for sterile use in culture hood
  • Ice water bath easily removed for cleaning
  • Optional cold light and magnifier for clear observation
  • Z-axis calibration unit (Optional)
  • Peltier cooled bath (Optional)


  CA-5100MZ CA-5100MZ-Plus
Optimal Z-Axis Deflection ≈5-8 µm 2.0 µm (±0.1 µm)
Opti-cal Vertical (Z-axis) Calibration Device* Optional Accessory Included as standard
Blade Oscillation Frequency Range 50-80 Hz 50-80 Hz
Blade Oscillation Amplitude
Minimum: 0.5 mm
Maximum: 1.5 mm
Minimum: 0.5 mm
Maximum: 1.5 mm
Amplitude Step Size
0.5 mm 0.5 mm
Advance Speed Resolution During Slicing 0.1 mm/sec 0.1 mm/sec
Specimen Retraction as Blade Retracts Yes Yes
Max Specimen Size 33x50x19 33x50x19
Memory to Store Section Thickness Yes Yes
Multiple User Settings 8 different 8 different
Operating Modes Manual or semi-automated Slice Window Manual or semi-automated Slice Window
Dimensions 13.7" x 17.7 x 13.7"
350 x 450 x 350 mm
13.7" x 17.7 x 13.7"
350 x 450 x 350 mm


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The Integraslice is an excellent choice for brain tissue slicing. The user interface on this new vibrating tissue slicer from Campden Instruments (which replaces the NVSL/NVSLM Vibroslice from Integraslice) lets you program a wide range of parameters, including the vibration frequency and amplitude. The fine control of the brain tissue slicer blade's advance is controllable, and you can set the start and stop position of blade travel. The control box is even on umbilical cord, making it ideal for operations in an isolated environment.

You can use the brain slicer in fully manual or the semi-automated "Slice window" mode, which automatically remembers the start and finish position of the slice. This entry-level vibratome is perfect for techniques such as histology, organotypic slice culture and low resolution imaging with a fixed blade holder and a mechanism Z axis error of  5–8µm.

Required Accessories

Ceramic Blades (sold in packs of 5) are honed with a single bevel for superior slicing.

Stainless Steel Blades (sold in packs of 50) are another economical option.

Optional Accessories

Bath Mount for Vibrating MicrotomesBath Mount for Vibrating Tissue Slicer: The edge of the ice bath's outer wall has a rolled edge. This prevents the vibration of the bath wall at certain harmonics of speed and amplitude, making it more stable, with less splash and less evident vibration.

Temperature Controlled Standard Tissue Bath with a controllable temperature range of approximately +10ºC to 0ºC with accuracy of ±1ºC. These are designed for experiments where exact control of a low slicing temperature is required.

Integrally Mounted Cold Light Source and Magnifying Glass: This is a magnifying glass for general global slices offering approximately 1.5x magnification. With integral cold light, it is powered directly by the vibratome.

Upgrade Kit allows you to add the kit to optimally calibrate the Z-axis deflection of the blade to 2±0.1 µm.

Section thickness step size 0.001mm
Bath table rise & fall speed 1.0mm/sec maximum
Maximum (vertical) travel of bath table 19mm
Cutting head advance speed:
-2.0mm/sec (-1.00 during slicing)
+2.0mm/sec (+1.00 during slicing)
Cutting head retraction speed 2.0mm/sec
Maximum travel of cutting head 40mm
Blade oscillation frequency:

80Hz (amplitude dependent)
Frequency step size 5Hz
Blade oscillation amplitude:

0.5mm (nominal)
1.5mm (nominal)
Amplitude step size 0.5 mm (nominal)
Power requirements (Selectable) 115VAC 60Hz, 230VAC 50Hz
Power rating 100W
Fuse rating:

T2A 250VAC
T2A 250VAC
Light source Powered from 5100mz
Dimensions 350mm x 450mm x 350mm (excluding magnifier/light source)
Weight 15kg (excluding magnifier)
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