MicroTip - Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensor

Order code
  • Needle-type housing
  • 2.5 m cable
  • 0-250% Air saturation
  • 20mm needle with 27 gauge (0.400 mm) diameter
  • 50 µm tip


Order code Detail
501656 MicroTip, needle-type housing fiber-optic oxygen sensor, 50 μm tip
501656-C MicroTip, needle-type housing, 50 μm tip, optical isolation
501656-F MicroTip, needle-type housing, 140 μm flat tip


The MicroTip is a needle-type (27 ga.) oxygen micro sensor designed for applications where a small tip size of 50 µm and a fast response time (t90) of 1 s are necessary. The oxygen sensitive sensor tip consists of 140 µm fiber tapered to a 50 µm tip. The sensor is housed inside a stainless steel needle of 22 mm length and 0.4 mm diameter. This allows penetration through a septum rubber or similar material. These sensors are ideal for oxygen profiling in sediments and biofilms.

  •  501656-C - This sensor is coated for optical isolation. The optical isolation is an optional, opaque, oxygen-permeable material that can be coated over the luminophore that prevents ambient light from reaching the sensor and also prevents excitation light from escaping. This coating lengthens the reponse time due to the adtional layer of material that oxygen must diffuse through to reach the luminophore.
  • 501656-F - This sensor has a 140μm flat tip.
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