Satellite Air-Therm Heater for use with ECU

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  • For use with the ECU (environmental control unit) to heat a live cell imaging chamber.
  • Electrically and acoustically quiet
  • Quick, precise response to thermal change
  • The system is typically used in a closed loop configuration

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Order code Description
AIRTHERM-SAT-1W Satellite Air-Therm Heater 110V for use with ECU
AIRTHERM-SAT-2W Satellite Air-Therm Heater 230V for use with ECU

The AirTherm SAT is an auxiliary heater designed to be used in Live Cell Imaging applications with microscopes that are fitted with a full microscope environmental chamber enclosure. It works in conjunction with an ECU (environmental control unit), which uses a PID control algorithm to maintain tightly controlled loops of heat for environment control.
During operation, air is drawn out of the chamber through a flexible hose, heated by the AirTherm SMT heater, humidified (if desired) and re-circulated to the chamber by the return hose. A typical AirTherm SAT installation places the heated air inflow at the bottom and the cold air return at the top of the microscope chamber.

The AirTherm SAT system

The AirTherm SAT system includes:

  • AirTherm SAT
  • Temperature sensor for remote placement in environmental chamber

Glass bottom dishes

For high numerical aperture (NA) live-cell imaging, cells must be plated on glass (e.g., WPI’s FluoroDish Glass Bottom Dishes, spotting 0.17 mm glass thickness) or standard cover slips. Since cover slips inherit other problems associated with sterility and accidental damage to expensive microscope condensers, WPI designed new and improved glass bottom dishes (35 mm x 10 mm or 35 mm X 22 mm) that are not cytotoxic. A special adhesive in conjunction with an advanced dish design makes the FluoroDish the only non-cytotoxic glass dish in the world. This means that cells can actually be cultured for 4 to 5 days in the same dish and then carry the complete cell culture with media from the incubator directly into the (Air-Therm controlled) recording chamber. This is a comfort level that hitherto was unattainable by scientists and clinical researchers since cells will have to be transported from the culture dishes on to cover slips just prior to imagery or attaching patch electrodes.


The most problematic aspect of any live cell imaging procedure or patch clamp approach is the thermal drift of high magnification lenses caused by temperature fluctuations in the microscope's environment. It is necessary to constantly readjust the focus during image acquisition due to this thermal-drift, introducing artifacts during quantitative microscopy due to the photo-bleaching that occurs during refocusing. The optimal solution to this problem is to use WPI’s Air-Therm temperature controller connected to a Plexiglas or acrylic chamber that encloses the entire imaging area (or at least the objectives and the stage). Using such a chamber will result in highly stable temperature control and minimal thermal drift.

AIR FLOW RATE 20 to 50 CFM (0.55 to 1.4 cubic meter/M)
AO for CHART RECORDER 0.5°C Resolution, 0-10V represents 0-100°C
HEATING VOLUME Minimum Volume 1.5 CF (42.5 L) to less than 50 CF (1400L), re-circulating
FUSE 120 V: 4 A, Slow 5 x 20 mm metric
230 V: 2.5 A, Slow 5 x 20 mm metric
POWER 450 W, 95–135 V or 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
DIMENSIONS 9.25 x 8.25 x 3.5" (23.5 x 21 x 9 cm)
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