Thermal Cautery Unit

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Provides consistent, accurate hemostasis

  • 6 ft.  cord
  • Long battery life
  • 24 gauge platinum wire
  • Unit includes 3 tips
  • Complete, and ready to use


Part # Description


110 V


220 V 


  • No site burns
  • Stable temperature


  • Any surgical procedure

Traditional thermal cautery utilizes heat in the form of direct current to perform coagulation. This method eliminates the possibility of alternate site burns that can occur with electrosurgery. Only the heated wire tip comes in contact with the tissue and current does not enter the patient's body. WPI's Thermal Cautery Unit provides all the cautery power necessary for treating numerous minor surgical conditions and is ideal for applications such as dermatological, ENT, and plastic surgery cases, or any procedure that requires accurate hemostasis.

Maintains constant temperature

The Thermal Cautery Unit maintains the desired temperature during tissue contact and does not rapidly diminish like disposable battery powered cauteries. The autoclavable handpiece with six-foot cord accepts an assortment of reusable thermal cautery electrodes, allowing the surgeon to have the flexibility to perform a wide variety of procedures. This unit will outlast battery-powered units and save money on replacement batteries.

Reusable electrode tips

501295, 501297 and 501299 are included with the unit. The other tips are optional accessories.

Reusable thermal cautery electrodes

Style WPI # Description
A 501295 Loop Tip General Purpose Electrode, included
B 501296 Fine Tip Flat General Purpose Electrode
C 501297 Loop Tip Angled General Purpose Electrode, included
D 501298 Ball Tip General Purpose Electrode
E 501299 Fine Tip General Purpose Electrode, included
O 504034 Circular Tip General Purpose Electrode
V 503299  Vasectomy Tip Electrode
AB 504035 Loop Tip Bent Perpendicular General Purpose Electrode
EB 504036 Fine Tip Bent Perpendicular General Purpose Electrode
  501294 Replacement Hand Piece for 501292 & 501293


501294  VIDEO: Intraluminal Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion (MCAO) Model for Ischemic Stroke with Laser Doppler Flowmetry Guidance in Mice

LINE VOLTAGE 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
OUTPUT WAVE SHAPE Clipped Sinusoidal
OUTPUT POWER 0-30 W ± 6 W (0.2 Ω Load)
MAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER 36 Watts (0.2 Ω Load)
DIMENSIONS 13cm x 13cm x 20cm (dxwxh)
SHIPPING WEIGHT 5 lb (2.3 kg)



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