Stereotaxic Frame with Ear Bars

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For small animal research

  • 5 mm linear movement per revolution on each axis
  • Entire frame is electrically continuous, ideal for Еlectrophysiology
  • Accessories available for wide variety of small animals


Order code Description Image
502600 Precision Stereotaxic Frame with 18°Ear Bars 502600
502650 Precision Stereotaxic Frame with 45°Ear Bars  502650
Taxic-600 Stereotaxic Frame with 18°Ear Bars plus UMP3T-1  Taxic-600
Taxic-650 Stereotaxic Frame with 45°Ear Bars plus UMP3T-1  Taxic-650
Upgrade option to digital display
502360 Manipulator, 3 AXES, RH, Digital display  
502361 Manipulator, 3 AXES, LH, Digital display  



  • Versatile positioning
  • Easy to read scales
  • Convenient for electrophysiology because the frame may be grounded


  • Stereotaxic surgery for small animal research
  • Electrophysiology research

WPI’s Precision Stereotaxic Instrument is built around the time-proven U-frame design concept, providing stability and adaptability to most species. Precision alignment ensures accurate placement of electrodes, micropipettes and other devices. It is ideal for researchers in need of a versatile, reliable instrument for stereotaxic procedures with small animals

Versatility of positioning

The manipulator arm controls medio-lateral and vertical positioning via lead screws with 80 mm of travel. This allows the fastest positioning possible, consistent with lining up the scales easily at a given coordinate. The antero-posterior movement is controlled via a dovetail slide movement, with 80 mm of travel possible in each direction. A universal joint allows the investigator to change the angle of the probe up to 90° in either the antero-posterior or medio-lateral planes. The locking mechanism will hold any angle position without drift or creep. It also provides an absolute lock at 90° vertical.

Easily read scales

All scales are oriented to be read easily from the open end of the “U.” This is the position from which most scientists prefer to work. The numerals on the scales are clear and easy to read. Precise alignment with facing Vernier scales gives accurate resolution to 0.1 mm.

Convenient for electrophysiology

The entire stereotaxic frame, including the dovetails, manipulator arms and base are electrically continuous. Grounding of the entire frame including the base plate can be accomplished by connecting the provided grounding stud to earth. This is ideal for electrophysiological studies where the animal and surrounding structures need to be grounded to reduce electrical noise.

Included components

Includes the U-frame base plate, manipulator arm, standard probe holder with corner clamp, and Rat Adaptor (nose clamp assembly and 18° taper ear bars).

Selection of accessories

Species adaptors are available to fit rat, cat/monkey, mouse, guinea pig and small bird. Probe holders and species adaptors for “U” frame stereotaxic instruments from other manufacturers are generally compatible with the WPI’s stereotaxic frame.

UltraMicroPump system included

With its digital controller, UltraMicroPump III can dispense as little as 600 picoliters per incremental advance of the syringe piston (using a 5 µL syringe). Syringes may be filled externally and then inserted into the pump or filled while mounted in the pump. Fluids injected or withdrawn are held entirely within the micro syringe to maintain a low fluid dead volume.

More Choices:
  1. Manipulator, 3-axis, Right Hand, Standard
    Manipulator, 3-axis, Right Hand, Standard
  2. Manipulator, 3-Axis, Left Hand, Standard
    Manipulator, 3-Axis, Left Hand, Standard
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