Four-Syringe Nanoliter Infusion Pump

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Syringe pumps for high me­ter­ing precision at low, pulse-free rates

  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Ex­treme­ly sim­ple to set up and use
  • Sur­pris­ing­ly af­ford­able
  • Accepts syringe sizes: 10uL - 10mL (four) syringes may be different sizes
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 0.001 uL/hr
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 20.91 mL/min (10 mL syringe)


Order code Line Voltage
SP250i 95-135V, 50Hz
SP250iZ 220-240V, 60Hz


  • Automatic dispensing of small volumes
  • Very precise flow rate control
  • Hands-free operation with foot pedal
  • Better flow performance with accuracy ±0.35%


  • Drug administration
  • Chemical applications with slow incorporation of fixed volumes of fluids

Up to four syringes of different sizes can be accommodated on this pump.

Mode Infusion
Syringe Size 10 µL-10 mL (four), (syringes may be different sizes)
Maximum Flow Rate (10 mL syringe) 20.91 mL/min
Minimum Flow Rate 0.001µL/hr
Linear Force 40 lb. (18 kg)
Advance Per Microstep 0.165 micron
Maximum Step Rate 1600 steps/sec
Minimum Step Rate 1 step/100 sec
Accuracy < 1% error
Reproducibility ± 0.1%
Dimensions 11 x 9 x 6 in. , 28 x 23 x 15 cm
Shipping Weight 12 lb. (5.4 kg)‚
Notes: Available 95-135 V or 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

S. Massberg, G. Enders, R. Leiderer, S. Eisenmenger, D. Vestweber, F. Krombach, K. Messmer "Platelet-Endothelial Cell Interactions During Ischemia/Reperfusion: The Role of P-Selectin" Blood 92. 1998: 507-515

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