SNAP Calibration Compound for NO Microsensors

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Calibrate NO microsensors with SNAP (S-nitroso-N-acetyl-D-penicillamine)

  • Stable green crystalline compound that mimics the action of nitric oxide in vivo
  • Use to calibrate all WPI nitric oxide sensors


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SNAP25 25mg vial
SNAP50 50mg vial
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SNAP is a stable green crystalline S-nitrosothiol compound that mimics the action of nitric oxide in vivo. It has vasodilatory properties and has been shown to relax isolated bovine coronary artery rings by activating soluble gran­u­late cyclase. This reagent also actuates apoptosis in mouse thy­mocytes and has been accounted for reversible inactivation of pro­tein Kinase C. SNAP can be used for calibration of all WPI NO sensors. Call for details. M.W. 220.2, Purity > 98% by NMR or TLC

X. Zhang, L. Cardoso, M. Broderick,, H. Fein, I.R. Davies "Novel Calibration Method for Nitric Oxide Microsensors by Stoichiometrical Generation of Nitric oxide from SNAP" Electroanalysis 12. 2000: 425-428

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