SI-H Force Transducers

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  • For use with the SI-BAM21-LC or SI-BAM21-LCB ONLY
  • For use with the SI-H line of muscle testers
  • Nearly insensitive to temperature and light
  • Extremely linear
  • Virtually indestructible with normal use
  • See Details for part numbers
  • Contact WPI for specific optical transducer force ranges.

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Different transducer bodies can be exchanged and set and zeroed to the same bridge amplifier at the touch of a button. After a simple calibration with an appropriate weight, the system is ready to use.



Order code Size
SI-KG2 0-2N, 0-200g
SI-KG4 0-50mN, 0-5g
SI-KG4A 0-20mN, 0-2g


Mounting Devices

A variety of convenient fiber mounting devices are available in two lengths and two shaft diameters.


  • The 32mm length is ideal for standard, isometric forces.
  • Choose the 22mm length when using a motor.

Shaft diameter :

  • Use the 0.8mm for the KG4 and KG7B force transducers.
  • Use the 0.5mm for the KG4A and KG7.

The KG2 have unique mounting devices.

  Range Range (g)
Noise (μN) Compliance (µm/mN) Resonance Frequency Compatible
SI-KG2 0-2 N  0-200 250  0.15  1.3 kHz  SI-H only
SI-KG2B 0-0.2 N  0-20  80 0.15 590Hz  SI-H only
SI-KG4 0-50 mN  0-5 15 0.5  1.2 kHz  SI-H only
SI-KG4A 0-20 mN  0-2 4 1 1.2 kHz  SI-H only

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