SGE Gas-tight Teflon Luer Lock Syringes

Order code

  • Syringe with Teflon luer lock fitting (no needle)


Order code Volume O.D. SCALE LENGTH UMP3 UMP2
SGE050TLL 50µL 8.0 mm 60 mm Y Y
SGE100TLL 100µL 8.0 mm 60 mm Y Y
SGE250TLL 250µL 8.0 mm 60 mm Y N
SGE25TLL 25mL         

SGE050TLL 50uL Syringe

SGE050TLL 50μL Syringe

SGE100TLL 100uL Syringe

SGE100TLL 100μL Syringe

SGE250TLL 250uL Syringe

SGE250TLL 250μL Syringe

SGE25TLL syringe

SGE25TLL 25mL Syringe


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