Precision Surgical Microscope

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Ideal for small animal surgery

  • Motorized focusing system, allows hands-free operation
  • Optional video adapter
  • Improved optics 119 lp/mm
  • Convenient handles
  • New head tilting mechanism
  • Coaxial Spot 42mm
  • The Surgioscope requires special shipping arrangements. You will be advised of actual freight charge when order is processed.
  • Choice of post height: 89 cm or 103 cm (specify in comment when ordering).


Order code Description
PSMB5N Binocular SurgioScope, F200 objective (Specify post height)
PSMT5N Trinocular SurgioScope, beam splitter, standard video adapter, F200 objective (Specify post height)


Camera Comparison Chart 

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  • Light weight, compact and easy to maneuver­—weighs only 70 lb.
  • Dual bulbs prevent illumination failure during surgery
  • Five magnification steps


  • Small animal surgery
  • Veterinary surgery

WPI’s improved precision SurgioScope (now with five magnification steps) is a portable, high quality surgical microscope offering outstanding image quality and value. Incorporating an agile extension arm and excellent working distance objectives, the SurgioScope provides convenient movement and maneuverability necessary for accurate positioning. These important features, together with a high quality optical system, provide sharp image contrast and enhanced large field of vision. The SurgioScope comes fully equipped with a foot-controlled motorized focusing system, normally only found in more expensive surgical microscopes. A unique dual lamp housing enables safe and rapid changing of the lamp during an operation, without the need to power down. The optional video port on the trinocular version permits operational procedures to be monitored or recorded simultaneously using a video recorder and a COLCAM camera or digital stills with USBCAM50. The mobility of the USBCAM50 on the PSMT5 can be extended an additional 3 meters (to 6 meters) by use of an USB extension cable (503536).

Camera to Microscope Configurations

How to Add a Camera to a Surgical Microscope


Mount a Camera at the Right Height on the CS-Mount

Adjusting camera height

The camera mounted where the focusing occurs in the middle turning of the focus ring showing about a 1.5 mm gap.

To get the camera to this location:

  1. Lower the locking ring to the bottom of the mount.
  2. Screw the camera onto the CCD ring.
  3. Lower them all the way down (clockwise).
  4. Rotate the camera back (CCW) about 3 turns upwards.
  5. Bring up the locking ring up to prevent the camera from rotating.

To focus the camera:

  1. Make sure that the eyepieces are engaged into their keyed slots.
  2. Rotate the main eyepiece body and push down. At some rotation point, the pins and sockets will engage and the eyepiece will drop into a slot locking the main eyepiece body in place.
  3. Set the diopters on both eyepieces to zero.
  4. At the microscopes lowest magnification (usually #1 on the dial) focus on a flat object using the right eyepiece (assuming the camera is on the right side of the beam splitter) by moving articulated arm up and down. You may need to turn on the coaxial lamp on low intensity.
  5. Lock the arm once the view is in sharp focus. Do not move the diopter on the eyepiece.


For optical components, use high quality, dry air to blow dust and debris from the surface.

Never use organic solvents such as acetone to clean the microscope body. If a wet tissue must be used, try not to leave moistures on the microscope body and optical components.


Total Magnification (F100) 6.4x 10x 16x 26x 40x
Field of View 25mm 15.5mm 10mm 6mm 4mm
Camera Field of View (1/2" CCD) 25mm 15.5mm 10mm 6mm 4mm
Camera Field of View (1/3" CCD) 17.5mm 11.5mm 7mm 4.5mm 2.75mm
Working Distance 90mm         
Total Magnification (F200) 3.2x 5x 8x 13x 20x
Field of View 50mm 31mm 20mm 12mm 8mm
Camera Field of View (1/2" CCD) 50mm 31mm 20mm 12mm 8mm
Camera Field of View (1/3" CCD) 35mm 23mm 14mm 9mm 5.5mm
Working Distance 190mm        
Objective Focal Length 200mm        
Total Magnification (F250) 2.56x 4x 6.4x 10.4x 16x
Field of View 65mm 40mm 25mm 16mm 10mm
Camera Field of View (1/2" CCD) 63mm 40mm 25mm 16mm 10mm
Camera Field of View (1/3" CCD) 45mm 28mm 18mm 11mm 7mm
Working Distance 240mm        
Total Magnification (F300) 2.13x 3.34x 5.34x 8.7x 13.34x
Field of View 75mm 46.5mm 30mm 18mm 12mm
Camera Field of View (1/2" CCD) 75mm 46.5mm 30mm 18mm 12mm
Camera Field of View (1/3" CCD) 52.5mm 34.5mm 21mm 13.5mm 8.25mm
Working Distance 290mm        
Total Magnification (F350) 1.8x 2.86x 4.57x 7.42x 11.4x
Field of View 91mm 57mm 36mm 22mm 14mm
Camera Field of View (1/2" CCD) 88mm 55mm 35mm 21mm 13mm
Camera Field of View (1/3" CCD) 60mm 38mm 24mm 15mm 9.5mm
Working Distance 340mm        
Working Height (Arm Movement Range Above Floor): 89 cm Post Focus on specimens 34.5" (88cm) to 51" (130 cm) above floor *
Working Height (Arm Movement Range Above Floor): 103 cm Post Focus on specimens 40.5" (103cm) to 57" (146 cm) above floor *
Note: * Subtract Working Distance for height above specimen, 103cm post recommended for F350 objective.
RANGE OF MOTION: Maximum Stretch Radius of Arm 870 mm
RANGE OF MOTION: Vertical Movement Range 700-1100 mm

Spot = 42 mm

Dual lamp housing with quick-change spare and internal coaxial fiber optic cable.

HALOGEN-TUNGSTEN LAMP 12V, 100W, with cold reflection
POWER 110V, 50-60 Hz, or 230V, 50-60 Hz
SHIPPING WEIGHT 94 lb (43 kg)
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