Joystick Controlled Manual Micromanipulator

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Joystick Controlled Manual Micromanipulator

  • X axis can be tilted 90º like the DC3001
  • Easy steering motion that translates normal hand movement into smooth sub-millimeter shifts
  • Fine adjustment for the X and Y axes can be controlled by the joystick
  • The motion control through the joystick can be adjusted from 0.35mm to ˜4mm travel over the full extension of the joystick adjustment range.
  • Coarse and fine adjustment of Z-axis, ratio 10:1 allows rapid motion for the tool changing assembly as well as precise positioning under high magnification.


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Left Hand MMJL
Right Hand MMJR



  • Fine adjustment for the X and Y axes can be controlled by the joystick
  • Joystick manipulation


  • Oocyte injection with Nanoliter Injector

Specially adapted for use with the Nanoliter Injector for oo­cyte in­jec­tion and similar applications, this joystick-controlled mi­cro­ma­n­ip­u­la­tor al­lows an easy “steer­ing” motion that translates normal hand move­ment into smooth sub-millimeter shifts. Viewed mi­cro­scop­i­cal­ly, move­ment of the tool-tip cor­re­sponds naturally to hand move­ment, so ac­cu­rate resolution is intuitive and quick. All fine ad­just­ment can be controlled by the joy­stick. Piv­ot­ing for­ward, back­ward or lat­er­ally gives pre­cise x-y ad­just­ment. For add­ed con­ve­nience, a sep­a­rate coarse control lever is also pro­vid­ed for quick rais­ing and low­er­ing. A stop screw, which is set once res­o­lu­tion is achieved, eliminates re­fo­cus­ing and stream­lines re­pet­i­tive work by guiding the tip to its pre­vi­ous focusing plane. The stop screw also prevents the tool-tip from be­ing broken during sudden low­er­ing and elim­i­nates down­ward drift. Place­ment is stable enough for ex­tended use. Be­cause the probe holder tilts a full 90°, the tool-tip pivots easily for precise positioning. Rack-and-pinion drive, V-shaped guideways and cross roller bear­ings elim­i­nate backlash, slip­ping and sticking. All contact parts milled from hardened steel for precise performance and long life.

Travel Range: X-axis 37 mm
Travel Range: Y-axis 20 mm
Travel Range: Z-axis 25 mm
Resolution: X-axis 0.1 mm
Resolution: Y-axis 0.1 mm
Resolution: Z-axis 0.1 mm
Joystick (X,Y axis) 0.35 - ˜4 mm
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs (1.8 kg)
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