Microbeveler System with Guided Light

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Bevel micropipette tips larger than 1 µm, for applications like microinjection

  • Pipette tip illuminated internally via fiber optics
  • Tool holder on microscope keeps pipette in focus during beveling
  • Steel base for solid support of beveler & magnetic stands
  • Includes stereo zoom microscope up to 90X
  • Variable speed, reversible
  • Bevel tips larger than 1 micron


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MicroBeveler System.

Includes 48000 MicroBeveler, Z-LITE illuminator, fiber optic cable, PZMIII Stereo Zoom Microscope with tilting base especially adapted for use with MicroBeveler, two clear 20x eyepieces, one 20x eyepiece with reticle, tool holder and pipette holder FOIMPH.

SYS-48000 MicroBeveler


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  • Abrasive surface easily replaced by Diamond and Alumina Lapping Film
  • Produce sharp tips in a short time – smooth 5400 RPM with a completely flat beveling surface


  • Polishing patch pipettes
  • Pipette tip calibration and microinjection

Replaceable Abrasive Beveling Surface

WPI’s MicroBeveler, unlike other solid-surface bevelers, has an abrasive surface that is easily refreshed. Instead of using a conventional, solid abrasive disk, the MicroBeveler abrasive surface is made of a high quality lapping film, widely used in the fiber optics industry. When the surface is damaged or loaded with glass particles, simply replace the abrasive film.

Produce Sharp Tips Rapidly

The solid polishing surface of WPI’s new MicroBeveler, turning at 5,400 rpm, provides sufficient cutting force for a very sharp tip in a very short time. The cutting surface is completely flat and turns smoothly, ensuring an undamaged tip.

The system (MBS) includes PZMIII stereo microscope. Illuminator in photo differs from actual Z-LITE included with system.

The Microbeveler is available separately (SYS-48000).

Beveling Surface 3.5 inch diameter disk
Abrasive Material alumina, diamond
Speed of Rotation 100 to 5,400 rpm
Motor Reversible Direction
Power Requirements 120 V, 60 Hz or 240 V, 50 Hz, 20 VA to sup­plied power supply
   Base Plate
  Overall Height

8.7 × 11 × 0.4 in. (22 × 28 × 1 cm)
3 in. (8 cm)
SHIPPING WEIGHT (48000) 16 lb. (7.6 kg)
SHIPPINGWEIGHT (MBS) 35 lb. (16 kg) 
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