ILS Gas-tight Teflon Luer Lock Syringes

Order code

  • ILS syringes with gas-tight Teflon luer fitting (no needle)
  • Not for use with the UMP3


Order code Volume O.D. MMP/DMP UMP3 UMP2
ILS025TLL 25 µL 8.0 mm N N N
ILS050TLL 50 μL 8.0 mm Y N N
ILS100TLL 100 µL 8.0 mm Y N N
ILS500TLL 500 µL 8.0 mm Y N N


This syringe has 6/32 button thread. The 6/32 stability button allows the SP series pumps to drive the syringe plunger in a precise direction to minimize variations in the syringe body/plunger offset.

ILS025TLL 25uL syringe

ILS025TLL 25μL syringe

ILS050TLL 50uL syringe

ILS050TLL 50μL syringe

ILS100TLL 100uL syringe

ILS100TLL 100μL syringe

ILS500TLL 500uL syringe



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