UV CARDS Sterilization Indicators (Pkg. of 10)

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  • This card can measure UV radiation quickly and accurately in just 10 seconds.
  • The card offers high-tech, non-toxic and environmentally friendly protection.
  • Can be reused many times.
  • With this card, you can decide in advance what precautions you should take; such as the type of sunscreen you should use to your skin type and how long should lie in the sun before you go into the shade or put more cloths on.
  • If the card turns pink, the UV is working; does not indicate  sterilization is complete
  • Pack of 10

Remember, solar radiation is strongest between 12pm and 3pm, you should therefore limit sun bathing in this period and use powerful sunscreen protection (UVA+B). Small children should not stay with bare skin in direct sunlight, but instead wear light clothing and sunhat or stay away from the sunlight. Use sun block where the skin is exposed to sunlight. Hold the card in direct sunlight for 10 seconds, and the level of the ultraviolet radiation appears as a bar on the frontside of the card.

The radiation level is displayed like this: Low (use minimum a low sunscreen protection), Moderate (use minimum a good sunscreen protection), High (use the highest sunscreen protection and stay in the sun only for shorter periods of time).

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