4-Channel Transducer Amplifier

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Amplify output voltage signals

  • Use with many different types of resistive based transducers
  • WPI resistive force transducers plug in directly
  • Supports full resistive bridge or single ended operation
  • Output offset control
  • Four gain ranges from 1–1000 ×
  • Provides “excitation” voltage for resistive bridge transducers

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  • Provided with blank connectors to interface with any resistive bridge transducer
  • Bridge balance LEDs provide visual cue that unloaded transducers are at zero output state


  • Amplify signals from resistive strain gages and other resistive bridge configured transducers

Transbridge (TBM4M) is a four-channel analog transducer manifold, specifically designed to amplify output voltage signals from pressure, force, displacement, and temperature transducers as well as a wide variety of other signal sources. Analog output signals are available from each channel for input to a data acquisition system for digital signal processing in a computer. Each channel contains a regulated 10 V power supply (+5 and -5 V with respect to signal ground) to provide DC power to transducers, and a precision differential amplifier with selectable voltage amplification and variable position adjustment control.

Transducers can be connected to Transbridge via any of the 8-pin connectors on the front panel. Four spare 8-pin DIN plugs are provided with each instrument to allow you to rewire cables of other manufacturers’ transducers and connect them to Transbridge. Each Transbridge channel may be used in either Full Bridge or the Half Bridge mode independently. For transducer types other than resistive bridges, such as active transistor circuits, magnetic, photocell or piezoelectric devices, the instrument’s differential amplifiers may still be used effectively for signal amplification in differential (full bridge) and single-ended (half bridge) modes.


Channels 4
Voltage amplification x1, x10, x100, x1000
Voltage offset adjustment ±50 mV
Noise .4 µV p-p (0.1 to 10 Hz, G=100)
Linearity ± .001% of FSR G=1;± .01% of FSR, G-=1000
Output voltage swing ±10 V
Maximum output current 2 mA
Input impedance , each input 1010 Ω
Transducer Excitation 10VDC (±5 V) approx.
Bandwidth , small signal 1 MHz (x1), 80 KHz (x10),10 KHz (x100), 1.0 KHz (x1000)
Fuse (Older models) 120 V: 0.12A, Slow, 0.25x1.25” USA
230 V: 0.06A, Slow, 0.25x1.25” USA
Fuse (2019 models) 120 V: 0.12A, Slow, 5 x 20 mm metric
230 V: 0.06A, Slow, 5 x 20 mm metric
Dimensions 8.5 x 5.12 x 10 in. (21.6 x 13 x 25.44 cm)
Shipping weight 11 lb. (5 kg)
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