High Resolution Manual Micromanipulator, 5 micrometer resolution

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Rock solid motorized micromanipulator

  • Superb resolution
  • Manual controls drives in all 3 axes
  • 5 micrometer resolution
  • Engineered for stability and built on a 12-pound steel plate
  • For direct table top use


  • Robust knobs
  • No additional tilt base or magnetic stand required


  • Patch clamping
  • Applications requiring solid, drift-free performance

Engineered for stability, and built on a twelve-pound steel plate, this instrument is chosen for high res­o­lu­tion micro-re­cord­ing. HS6 serves equal­ly well as a base for other precision micro-drives. HS6 can be bolted directly to a lab fixture or vibration-free platform. Resolution is extremely high — each gra­dua­tion on its large micrometer barrels indicates just 5 µm movements. Rack and pinion drive, V-shaped guideways and cross roller bearings give sure, re­peat­able move­ments without side play, slipping or stick­ing. All contact parts are milled of hard­ened steel. A flexible ball-joint assembly allows the electrode to be positioned at any angle relative to the x, y or z axes. The entire manipulator tilts forward to 25º allowing rapid coarse ad­just­ment of the elec­trode and allowing cell pen­e­tra­tion along the axis of any of the mi­crome­ters. Simple, precise and durable, the HS6 will provide years of dependable per­for­mance.

Travel Range: X-axis 25mm
Travel Range: Y-axis 25mm
Travel Range: Z-axis 25mm
Resolution: X-axis 5µm
Resolution: Y-axis 5µm
Resolution: Z-axis 5µm
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs. (11kg)
Dimensions: 9.9 x 6.6 x 9.9 in. (H x W x L)
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