Dumont Tweezers

Dumont Tweezers

Dumont is known for producing quality tweezers for a variety of applications, including surgery, watch making and jewelry repair. The tips of WPI's Dumont tweezers come in a variety of lengths and shapes, and they can be straight, curved or angled. Curved and angled tweezers are ideal for tight spaces, because you can grasp tissue or pieces at an angle more parallel to your work surface.

Biology tweezers tend to be noticeably thinner than regular tweezers. This are idea for procedures performed under a microscope or other high precision actions. Jewelers forceps are also used in precision work and may be used under a microscope. The tips are a little wider. Jewelers forceps are designed for grasping and lifting tissue during surgery, and are frequenly used for assembly involving small components, like electronic circuity repair and watch making. Industrial tweezers are designed for work that does not requires fine precision.

High quality Dumont tweezers are available in a variety of metals.

  • Dumostar – Anti-magnetic, Dumostar is more elastic and more corrosion-resistant than the best stainless steel
  • Dumoxel – Extremely flexible, Dumoxel is 95% antimagnetic and stain resistant
  • Stainless Steel – Standard metal for most surgical instruments
  1. Dumostar Tweezers
    Dumont Dumostar Tweezers are made of patented Dumont steel. It is highly resistant to metal fatigue, has great elasticity and is durable. It is resistant to mineral and organic acids and salt, autoclavable, and it is more likely to break than to bend.
  2. Dumoxel Tweezers
    Dumont Dumoxel Tweezers are made of patented Dumont steel. They are resistant to staining, but slightly softer and less magnetic than stainless steel. Dumoxel has a higher resistance to corrosion due to its high content of molybdenum and chromium. It is very resistant to sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other mineral and organic acids. It is autoclavable, and it is more likely to bend than to break.
  3. Stainless Steel Tweezers
    Dumont Stainless Steel is also known as Inox (from French acier inoxydable, a synonym for stainless steel). It is used for general purpose surgical instrument. Stainless steel surgical instruments are resistant to corrosion and autoclavable.
  4. Titanium Tweezers
    Titanium tweezers by Dumont offer all the benefits of titanium: non-magnetic, low glare, lightweight and durable. See our selection here.
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