Spring Scissors

Spring Scissors

Spring scissors are uniquely designed for ambidextrous use as either left-handed scissors or right-handed scissors. The action on these surgical scissors allows you to pinch the two blades together. The way they fit into your hand offers great visibility and incredible control. Spring scissors are designed for neurosurgical, vascular and microsurgical uses. Because spring scissors cut by shearing, they reduces the crushing damage to tissue. The fine tips are ideal for use in very restricted spaces.

Here's some tips on selecting an appropriate pair of spring scissors:

  • Curved tips on spring scissors are useful when you need to avoid cutting underlying tissue. 
  • Heavier blades on your surgical scissors are helpful when a thick tissue or vessel is to be cut.
  • The length of the surgical scissor tips can help with the depth of the incision, because shorter tips are perfect for near-to-surface incision, while longer tips are best for deep incisions.

Most of WPI's spring scissors are constructed of high quality, surgical grade, stainless steel. WPI's German stainless steel instruments are the premium line. Some spring scissors are also available in titanium.

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