Our scissors are designed for various applications. Those with a heavier construction are useful for cutting fur, thicker tissue or vessel. Our fine tip scissors are ideal for use in very restricted spaces.
  1. Ring Scissors
    Our standard scissors all have ring handles. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes for any research application. Tips may be straight, curved, angled or bent. You can typically recognize the construction style of scissors based on the following color code: Black handled rings indicate SuperCut scissors. Gold handles indicate that the scissors have Tungsten Carbide inserts. One gold handle and one black handle indicates that the scissors are SuperCut and have Tungsten Carbide inserts. Blue instruments are typically titanium.
  2. Spring Scissors
    Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting spring scissors: May be used with either left or right hand Designed for neurosurgical, vascular and microsurgical uses Cuts by shearing, reduces crushing of tissue Fine tips are ideal for use in very restricted spaces Curved tips are useful to avoid cutting of underlying tissue Heavier blades are helpful when a thick tissue or vessel is to be cut Length of the scissor tips can help with the depth of the incision: Shorter tips for near-to-surface incision Longer tips for deep incision
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