Muscle Rings Tissue Mount, blunt hooks with vascular clips

Order code
  • Two Blunt Hooks with Vascular Hooks
  • Available in 4 sizes; specify the force transducer to be used.
  • For use with SI-KG force transducers 


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Mounting hooks are sold in kits. CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE A LARGER VIEW. Currently, there are 11 kit configurations, most available in four different sizes. The mounting hook size that is required depends on the force transducer used. The primary tissue mounting hooks include:

  • Baskets
  • Pointed hooks
  • Blunt hooks
  • Tweezers
  • Spring clips
  • Screw clamps
  • Tendon hooks

Vascular hooks are available for mounting blood vessels (rings). They are normally used with a pair of blunt hooks (SI-TM8). For larger muscles, screw clamps (SI-TM11) and spring clips (SI-TM9, SI-TM10) are available.

The micrometer and motor receive a large (SI-KG4 size) tissue mount. If a smaller tissue mount is used, the 97909 adapter is required. This adapter is included with every Muscle Tester system.

When ordering tissue mounts, specify the tissue mount configuration and force transducer to be used.

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