Langendorff Isolated Perfused Organ System, Kidney

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  • Langendorff isolated perfused organ system for kidney, constant pressure and constant flow, single buffer column
  • Internal heater for organ bath
  • Optional: liver/mesenteric bed chamber

ME-6PXN, TS410, T402 Transonic Transit Time Modular Flow Meter 

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The SI-IPOKIDNEY system is designed for in vitro investigations of the perfused kidney of small laboratory animals like mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. An optional perfusion chamber for liver and mesenteric bed (gut) is also available.

During experiments, the artery of the organ is cannulated and perfused with a buffer solutions using either constant pressure or constant flow mode. Then, you can measure the changes in the perfusion pressure. If desired, the effluents can be collected for biochemical analysis.


  • Constant flow and constant pressure modes
  • Can be equipped to measure perfusion pressure, arterial flow and buffer temperature
  • Perfusion pressure up to 120mmHg
  • Maintain buffer temperature with water-jacketed reservoir
  • Lubricant-free Teflon taps
  • External circulating water bath for the buffer reservoir
  • Internal heater/controller for the organ bath
  • Supplementary thermostat in the organ bath
  • Constant oxygenation of the buffer

Perfusion Chamber

Each perfusion chamber has an organ holder, water bath, heater, vaporizer, perfusion inlet and outlet, thermosensor port, supplementary thermostat, mesh organ fastener, acrylic lid, and blood vessels and ureter ports.


The perfusion chamber, the most critical part of the system, has autonomic thermoregulation. The system is equipped with a kidney chamber. A liver/mesenteric bed chamber is optional.

This system includes:

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1 Isolated Perfused Organ (Kidney) System


  • Table with base plate, shelf, and sink
  • Console
  • Perfusion buffer column (1)
  • Glass overflow tube
  • Pressure sensor holder
  • Oxygenation bubbler set
  • Oxygenation pressure equalizer set
  • Teflon tap
  • Silicon tubing set, cables and accessories
2 Peristaltic pumps  PERIPRO-2HS Peristar Pro 2-channel One for filling buffer reservoirs, and one for constant flow mode
2 Pressure transducers with cables  Perfusion (Aortic) and Left Ventricular/Atrial Pressures Requires two channels of the Bridge/Transducer Amplifier


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